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Here is another fake news that shows you millions of dollar trading fake money so that you trust and invest your money in a scam cannabis craze to make the same.


Cannabis CRAZE Review-Using Various TV News To Do Scam!(5 bullets Proof)

In the same way, they sell their fraudulent software to the people, and they are cheating day after day by acquiring people’s trust through some news videos.

Therefore, before investing in any trading system, deeply research & review properly to learn the truth.

Why Cannabis CRAZE Pure SCAM?

I am going to show you my 5 bullets point proof that will help you to understand why cannabis craze is a scam.

  • Using TV News
  • No owner
  • FAke Traders Proof
  • Fake government disclaimer
  • Fake Payment Proof

1. Using TV News

First of all, they are using various TV news videos on their websites without any permission. Because everyone believes in TV news videos and everyone sees them. Basically, they are using video editing software to re-edit a new video so that they can promote their false system.

Cannabis craze using tv news to promote scam [proof 1] Cannabis craze using tv news to promote scam [proof 2] Cannabis craze using tv news to promote scam [proof 3]

2. No owner

You never know who is the real owner of this website and when you will finish watching the promo video they will say join now and invest in their software. But you still don’t know who is the owner, you didn’t see his real face, they don’t have any agreement. Because they are hidden. Scam alert.

3. FAke Traders Proof

Using fake traders live proof. This is another way to do scam with people. Because when you will see the live proof you will definitely see that a new user just join and a few seconds later another new user just joined like this way it will continue. Because it’s automatic script they buy this kind of script from the web developer and use in their website illegally to crack people mind.

FAke Traders Proof 1
Fake Traders Proof
FAke Traders Proof 2

4. Fake Government Disclaimer

Using fake government disclaimer, privacy policy, terms pages because of no photo proof, no signature

5. Fake Payment Proof

If you sign up with your email then they will definitely send you to email with some payment proof so that you invest in their software and make fake money.

 Cannabis craze Review Quick Summary: 

Product Name: Cannabis craze
Site: Https://
Owner: No
Category: Online Trading
Bonus: No
Price: $250 Deposit
Best For: No One
Refund: No
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No Way
Cannabis craze it’s an online trading platform where you can make thousands of dollar fake money. First of all, they have many websites to promote this kind of the same method. They promote a scam software and trading platform they will show you big companies logos. Their opinions that they are recommended this cannabis craze website to invest your money and become a successful person. Cannabis craze also will say that you are the lucky one and you have the opportunity to invest in the biggest name in the cannabis industry and earn money and grow it like a tree. They have lots of fake news website to believe you that they are already famous in the new site and in the promo video they cut news video and add into the website. Because people trust news, people learn all updates from news video and they are exactly grabbing this point to promote the scam.

How Does Cannabis Craze Work?

Every day we watch different kinds of important things on TV. We also watch a variety of fun events together with our family that we love. But it is good to know that we are always taking important news updates on different channels for what is happening all over the country so that we can know the good side & bad side happening. And many of us who like to watch some channel news such as CNN news BBC news because they show very important information like there is a problem and how can be solved.

But it’s good to know that just when these news videos are outdated, some fraudsters use these videos, again and again, to trick people into catching up. Because everyone is familiar with news videos and everyone knows better because they saw this same news a few weeks or months ago. When the fraudsters continue to play these videos on their website. As a result, some innocent people trust them because they saw the news a few weeks ago and know about it.

They get their attention in various ways through this news video showing money imagination, a good sad money-making story. Innocent people sign up to the website to learn how to make money quickly because they don’t know that inside there is a big scam waiting for them. Because they don’t have enough knowledge to research a website deeply and they don’t have any kind of online money making experience they just saw the imagination that is scam people make for them so that they can catch them easily.

End of the day when they learn that they can make a thousand dollars a day help of cannabis craze website but to start they have to invest only $250 then they follow there imagination and invest the amounts to make more money from the scam website.

If you are shown a nice car, big home, freedom life then you can easily trust that website because not everyone knows about the website. Don’t know how to create a website, who is the owner of this website, and they do not want to think about it. Because they only want easy money.

And later once they fall into the trap of cheating then they are aware, however, there are smart people who simply scrutinize these promotional websites and they never invest money here and know that to make money online, you need to first grow skills, educated, have to know how it works.

Not only that they are one after the other try with a different new way to make people fool, but cannabis craze is also doing the same.

What Is Inside Cannabis craze?

I create a demo account to shows you the proof of cannabis craze how they are doing all. After signup, they send me to another website name gigafx.Com and send me a welcome email with user name & password.

Inside Cannabis craze they send me to another site (2)
Send me to another website to deposit money

They are using this website like a fish trap because when you invest or deposit to start a trade they will earn money.

Because if cannabis craze is a real website then why they don’t have their own trading room?

Why they send me to another trading room name gigafx?

Totally scam.

They are using cannabis craze website like a sales funnel and show lots of money proof and false imagination to grab email address and phone number to re-target in future.

And then if you want to make money you must have to deposit $250 into your account and you cannot make money because they manually handle live trading platform so they can do whatever they want.

Another thing is they send me a promotional email that they are mission is to make their member wealthy and what you will learn it’s a simple solution to money problem.

You have nothing to lose then they invite me a link to join and when I click I saw it’s a news website

With details about how to invest, and how everything work and how people are making lots of money but the real thing is the news website is fake because when I click the other article it redirects me to another scam offers.

And here is the fake news website name: https://cannabisnewsworld.Net/index1.Php

Cannabis craze Using fake news website

What I Like & Don’t Like About This Cannabis craze Website?

When I made the first visit to their website, it looked great and those who are new to online will surely know this website very well. And as you visit the website, you will notice that on their right side you will see a notification that one person just recently joined their website.

This is a pop-up notification to achieve your trust instantly in few seconds showing fake notification with some fake demo name and photos so that you trust them because you saw real people are joining in this website. When a new person sees this notification, they really think that every second a new person is joining this site to earn money, then why not join this site? When do they think in mind that I can earn money? As well as they slowly start to verify the website better and 2nd step they start watching a presentation video.

And this video is very professional edit and has good background music so that it can be easily trusted from their website. In the video, they will show you some resource and some money earning graph.

Step-by-step they will try to make your brain very relax & cool and give you confident & not to worry help of cannabis craze website you can make money too.

Then after complete watching the video in the next step, you will see some advantages where they will show you 3 simple step to start earning.

They will say…

  • [1] Get to know us

Pic up lines like“You know every day thousands of people are joining in our website to making money and we are helping them to learn and educated that how this cannabis craze system really works. Not to worry we will help you to make money also you will have some experience then you can make thousands of dollar and you can easily reach your goals.”

I don’t like this kind of fake pic up lines because they try to promote sites something like this way.

  • [2] Make your first investment

In this step, they will say “Our broker has many talents and they are especially helping people to invest. They will tell you exactly what you need and what you have to do to make your first investment. Your investment is safe and secure and they have a minimum is investment option is $250 and this ensures that you are able to make a profit with confidence.”

What garbage to make people fool.

  • [3] Start trading

The last step they will say “Once you have made your investment you will able to start trading and you can profit rapidly help of cannabis industry.”

Now scam people have industry?

As you know I already revealed lots of scam system like Forex Revenge, Crypto soft, Blazing Trader and I know they are good to make people fool. I like this way how they make some step to confident people so that later they can cut their pocket.

I will recommend you to watch this CBC news video to learn how people using fake testimonials to promote the scam website.

Why Cannabis Craze Doing Scam?

Make money online work from home is a great opportunity for beginners who want quick money. But not everyone interested to make money working 5 to 6 hours a day. That’s why lazy people need some shortcut method that helps them to make money like thousands of dollars a day and they start online trading to make with money investing a few dollars.

Trading is a way to buy and sell product from the web. The trader who wants to make money they join the different online trading platform to make quick money. But not every trading platform is legal because some time scam people make a fake trading platform to do a scam from the trader.

Like this way, this cannabis craze website is doing scam with the fake site, trading platform, fake testimonials because they want to make fast money from innocent people.

  • Their website is looking professional
  • Cannabis craze add a professional video in their site
  • Your data is not protected if you sign up they will re-target you to do a scam
  • Using cannabis industry information to do scam
  • They don’t have any professional technology
  • Their government, disclaimer, privacy policy all page is fake
  • You can not make a profit investing money in scam trading platform
  • Scam email support so that you invest money


Cannabis craze not going to help you with any think.

Do not fall love with scam

Always review a site deeply

If you don’t know how to review & research a site? Just send me the site link I will review it for you for free

If you want to make honest money?

Start affiliate marketing

No more scam!

Make money, start your own business, be confident

And last but not the lest

Share your cannabis craze experience

Write a few words in comments below


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