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UserTesting is an interesting website if you know how to work properly.

Every day people are creating a new website for their brand, for their restaurant, for their business plan.

They want to know that their website is user-friendly or not or how they can improve their website

So that customers and website visitors like the website and for this real experience

They need you to test their website and give your honest opinion.


Can You Really Make Money With UserTesting Jobs Or SCAM

What you have to do is they will give you some task then you have to follow their command and visit their website and check what to improve? Is there anything you don’t like? Everything is ok? And record your voice when you are live chacking then submit the work to user testing.

You will get paid $10 via PayPal every 20-minute video you complete.

User testing already has more tasks where you have the opportunity to earn $60 per test.

Sometimes complete a task it will take more than 30 minutes to 1 hour because they want to know more details about their website. So they will need more information from you and sometimes they will give you apps to test.

If you complete 2 – 3 test then you will gain some experience then you can do this work easily.

Just visit the website or apps they give you, then give them as much information possible speak your thought loudly and record video.

Because they will give you a screen capture software to record the video when you are doing the tasks, then after complete they will review your work and pay you $10 to $60.

If you have free time and you want to make some extra money to pay your internet bills or Netflix bills?

Then you can start this testing work anytime you want.

If I give you my personal opinion then I didn’t like this work because sometime when you will work, it will take hours to complete and you will feel boring.

It’s like a job they will give you to test & you have to complete it for a few dollars.

What Is UserTesting?

Usertesting site starts the journey in 2007. Website owners, large companies and small companies need to build their website valuable so that new customers, shoppers like their site & they can lead their business with confidence.

User testing is a remote user research website, companies came here to learn the details about their site. And user testing helps them to learn & create better experiences.

Real people who are interested to get paid to test a website with their honest opinion, that how they experience about the site. They join in user testing site for free to start work. It’s a great website you can work at your own time legit and fair money.

But inside they have some problems real users are complaining that not everyone qualifies for a test.

You cannot expect to earn $100 a day work in user testing because sometimes tests are not available!

Usertesting Review Quick Summary:

Product Name: Usertesting
Site: Https://www.usertesting.com/
Co-founder: Darrell Benatar
Category: Human Insight Platform
Price: Free Join For Employee
Best For: Who Wants To Make Money Testing Website And Giving An Honest Opinion
Rating : 3 / 5
Recommended: No


Every day people are using their social accounts and helping each other to get a better experience. Because when you upload a good photo in Facebook your friend like & comments “Awesome looking” when you watch a YouTube video if you feel great then you published a comment with your honest opinion that your mind satisfied to say.

Like this way, if you want to make money just giving your honest opinion then user testing is the website give you an opportunity to start part-time jobs to make few extra dollars a day.

If you don’t know how to create your account then it’s easy because when you will visit the official website of user testing then you will see a 2-minute presentation video that will help you to better understand how to do work and give you A – Z guideline.

UserTesting 2 minute presentation video

However, after sign up you have to complete an application then you have to give a simple test, after that you have to provide your demographic information.

Once you accepted you can start testing website that you are qualified for.

You can start work from your PC or laptop but if you are comfortable to work on your mobile phone?

Then user testing already has an android and apple app.

But sometimes beginners don’t know how to install the app in the right way. As you know user testing is like a part-time job so for future if you don’t face any problem user-testing already have guidelines that help you setting the apps on the phone.

Some Big website like the New York Times, LifeHacker, The Wall Street Journalist, they are already recommended this website also more than 3,000,000 tests already taken by users for companies like Zendesh, Apple, Evernote, Dropbox, Adobe, Yahoo, eBay, Wikipedia

Some big website recommend usertesting
Big Website Lifehacker, Evernote Recommend Usertesting

Here is a live demo video that helps you to take action

Lots of beginner wants to see the payment proof that is this site is really paying or not yes I found a video she shares earning proof, so click the pic to watch video

UserTesting Earning Proof
UserTesting Payments Proof

For real users review, I search on Google and I found some bad reviews that users are saying if you get a low rating, you’ll never qualify for another test

UserTesting bad reviews by real user 1

Another user says user testing is Absolute rubbish! they asked tons of questions and rejected for every survey.

UserTesting bad reviews by real user 2

1 user directly say they are doing scam because once you invest your time and complected a test work you will be told that you are not qualified for screening

UserTesting bad reviews by real user 3

However, people have a different mindset because everyone will not take the work the same way but it’s bad if you invest your time, work honestly and get bad feedback.

And if user testing didn’t care your work and if they don’t respond clearly, don’t guide you then it’s really disappointing.

What Is Inside Usertesting?

After creating your account they will send you an email to verify your email address then go to your email and you will see that user testing support just sent you to complete a sample to start recording.

inside user testing dashboard
User testing dashboard

Then you have to download some software that will help you to test & record your sessions and upload it into their server. Then click the continue button to download the software after complete download hit continue for the next step. Now in the next step, they will say that now you are ready to record your sample video.

And in the dashboard user testing have some option like available tests

In the available test, they will tell you what device you need to start test some of them you can do from your iPhone and some of them you can do in your laptop.

Then you will see how much time you have to record and they will show you what is a requirement for the test.

After that, you have to answer a few questions for qualification to take the test then after the success you can view the test.

And after recording a test you will see all the updates and their payout details from complete tests option. If you get 5 stars then you have done a good job.

In the message center option if you face any problem then you can communicate with them.

For more deep details, you can step by step sign up and see all one by one.

How To Get 5 Stars On Usertesting?

5 tips definitely going to help you to get 5 stars and pass in the test easily

  • Keep speaking in the video all the time and give as much information you can

Don’t be silent when you are recording say loudly that what you think, what to change, what you like, what you don’t like, what needs to improve etc.

  • Make sure you stay on track

When you are saying something sometime you will feel that what I am saying then don’t be worry just click any of the options of the website then read and star saying something again

  • Say I expect, I am looking for, I think this will be better

Saying this way you are helping them to learn the facts easily. Because when user testing team will saw your video to review then they will understand that what needs to be good for the website and you will easily get 5 star

  • Don’t be complete the recording like an expert

You have to give them the honest opinion as like a real user so when you feel something then say I understand the search option of the website is pretty good but I am expecting a little bit bigger so it will attract me more

  • 5 use fake details

If you ask to put some details on the website make sure that you give the fake information. Just don’t give any kind of real address and credit card number. And you are not doing anything bad for doing this complete the task.

This website will help you

How To PASS The Test On Usertesting?

If you want to see live demo how to do all this thing in the right way then you watch this video

Who Is Perfect For Usertesting?

  • If you love to do online shopping and you know which product has the best quality and you know how to give an honest review for the product that you used, is it good for you or not then you are perfect for this job.
  • If you visit the different website to learn some information and you like a website because they post different types of ebooks, jokes, motivational quotes and you know this website has good content then you already have some experience so you can start work in a user testing.
  • If you waste more than 2 -3 hours playing video games in your mobile and you know how to screen record and share your gaming skills, level to your friends then you can also make money doing this job however this work will help you spend your valuable time in a work and you will spend less time playing games.
  • If you are a college student and after reading and complete your study on campus you have enough time to spend then user testing will help you to make some extra money.

Who Is Not Perfect For Usertesting?

  • Usertesting work is not perfect if you want to make passive income online because it will only help you to make a little money if you complete a task.
  • If you are not good in English and you don’t have enough confidence to record video then fast learn then try again.
  • To complete a task you have to be patient and you have to give almost one or two hours to review a website properly sometime it will take more. So if you feel frustration & pain then it will not be going to help you.
  • If you are a beginner & you have a great mindset and you want to make big money online? Then don’t waste your time in user testing, gain knowledge from online and grow your skills.

Usertesting Alternative Site To Make Money?

Lots of people have interested in user testing job that’s why I am sharing a site that is exactly same and helps to make money and get paid to use website and app after giving your honest feedback.

If you already tried user testing but you didn’t get fit in it and don’t get approved for a test then you can try again in https://www.Trymyui.Com

You will get paid $10 for each test you take Trymyui pay every Friday through PayPal when they will review your tests & accepted then you are ready to get paid.

Trymyui have more software & tools like

  • Remote usability testing tools
  • Remote usability testing software
  • Remote user testing tools
  • Remote user testing software
  • Sus – system usability scale
  • Question pro survey software

Trymyui also have 2 videos that help you to learn how to complete a task step by step Here watch https://www.trymyui.com/site/example

Usertesting Site Is A Scam?

People are really working on this user testing company fairly for a long time it has been a wonderful opportunity for them to increase their interpersonal and critical thinking skills.

You can make your own schedule when you want to work and some test can be short as 15 minutes and pay you well and they paid their users in time so user testing site is not a scam.

But some people are claiming that tests are not always available! And sometime after doing good work they didn’t get five stars after complete task that’s why they are complaining.

However, you have the right to review it by yourself and learn the truth!

  • Sitting in a relaxed place you can start these jobs
  • There is no tension you can work only when you want
  • They will pay weekly directly to your PayPal account
  • You don’t have to be an expert to get started
  • A side gig fair income
  • Not everyone gets to qualify for tests
  • After completing 15-minute tests some time user didn’t get paid fairly
  • Sometimes their apps don’t work in the right way
  • You cannot depend on this job to make good money


If you are motivated and if you have confidence that you can do this job? And make money? Then you can take action

But I will recommend you to avoid user testing because at a time you will be bored

If you are really interested to make quick money then I will invite you to John crestani marketing training where you will learn how john makes millions of dollar doing affiliate marketing.

Big fish
Big money
Big mindset
Big opportunity

Do not waste time if you are excellent in taking action

And share your user testing experience

So that beginners can learn the updates

Write a few words in comments below

Thank you for stay in my article

Have a nice day!

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No! As a tester, you can join user testing for free.

Pc- Windows 7,8 Or 10.
Minimum 1 Gb Ram
Browser: All New Updates. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Mac- Minimum 1 Gb Ram
Browser: All New Updates. Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Mobile Tests


Android Os 5.0 Or Higher
At Least 400mb

Ios 12 Or Higher
At Least 400mb

Toll-Free Number: 1 (888) 877‒1882 (US & Canada)

Available Time
Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 9 pm ET

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