If you are interested in making money as a freelancer in Rev.Com?

Then I am going to share with you some true fact that you don’t know yet.

So before you take any kind of action must read my article first then deeply take a decision that what you can do next with rev.


Can You Really Make Money With Rev.com Transcriptionist Or SCAM

Currently, there are various types of information spread online that you can easily make money in one day.

Many people are selling their products through various types of money imagination or giving them a service so that they can make money.

People advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Google and achieving innocent people trust to make money from them. They share some attractive information that you can make $1000 a day, what you can do if you make $100 in one hour?

When beginners saw this kind of thing they interest in it and want to learn more to start work and make money.

But they don’t have any deep knowledge that inside there is a scam.

So first know what is the correct information to always avoid cheating.

If you visit Rev.Com official website then you will see that in about section they have a freelancer job work from home opportunity where you can earn money transcribing or captioning from home.

What you have to do is to complete the work? You will get some video & audio then listens and accurately type what you are listening and submitted your work all done.

If you are a fast typers then you can not make more then $4 per hour sometimes for difficult audio quality required some research that takes time to complete work. You can spend hours working on a project and you have to give it on time. So if you don’t complete properly then you will make nothing.

If you start work then you can make 5 to 10 dollar in a day and when step-by-step you spend more days and weeks on rev and when you have some experience then you can make more money.

In my opinion, this work is not perfect for you if you are interested to make big money.

What Is Rev Transcription?

Rev.Com is a quality on-demand services website they provide service like transcription, captions, foreign subtitles convert audio or video to text.

The client comes to this website with their video and audio because they need exactly the same convert in text. Then rev takes the order & give the converting work to the freelancer who is interested to work as a transcriptionist or captioner.

When they complete the work and submit to rev then they make money. So how much money you can make?

Rev.Com paying very low to the transcriptionist
Rev paying very low

If you work hard every day then you can make only $245 per months this amount is final you can not make more doing extra work because of transcriptionist range of paying $0.36-$0.65 per audio/video minute + captioner range of paying $0.45-$0.75 per audio/video minute.

But one good thing is there are hundreds of project are available in to preview and claim any project you want to start then complete the work to make some extra income all work from home.

Freelancer is submitting a good amount of minute after converting it into the text to make some money every single month. If you have free time then you can apply for this work to make some little money and to gain some experience.

Rev.com Review Quick Summary:

Name: Rev
Site: Rev.com
Owner: Jason Chicola
Category: Transcription Service
Price: Free To Join For Freelancing Job
Best For: Who Are Happy With Small Amounts Of Money
Rating : 3 / 5
Recommended: No For Advanced People / Yes For Beginners Who Want To Gain Knowledge


If you want to join as a freelance and want to make money then you have to follow three-step to get started [1] Creative fixable works schedule [2] Choose from hundreds of jobs [3 ] Complete your work & get paid weekly in time by PayPal. Rev now have more than 15000 freelancers who are still working as a transcriber and caption video content.

Well experienced professional workers who working many years in this job they are now monthly earning more than $1,400.

To apply for this job you have to complete a few application so that they can learn you are perfect to work.

  1. Quick grammar quiz – you have to be good in the English language so that when you start work you can easily transcriptionist video and audio into a text file
  2. Rev’s grammar quiz consists – 20 basic questions you have to answer in 5 to 15 minutes
  3. You will get 3-minute transcription sample – so you have to listen to an audio file then transcribe the simple in an online editor

All done after review your application rev will get back to you.

But if you really interested to start work and if have confidence? Pay extra close attention and read this article


For clients, rev have extra advanced features “Automated speech to text transcription” first 45 minutes free then $0.10 per minute

Rev have extra advanced features Automated speech to text transcription

To give you more information I research on Google and Youtube and find real people opinion who have experience and work in rev, they said rev has a management problem they changed their guideline when they want. Some time for poor quality video and audio file freelancer cannot complete their work properly.

Here 1 person saying their metric system is designed for you to fail their guidelines are super strict

Rev metric system is designed for you to fail-proof by user
Rev user real review

You can not make good money every hour some time you will get paid for the work sometimes for the problems you can not make money.

Another person said that the video is fun to caption have a lot of interesting topics but after doing good work sometimes you will get bad scores.

Another user said After doing good work Rev sometime give bad scores proof 2

But some people are saying that they are still working with rev and making money and getting paid in time it’s a good side gig that helps to work in part-time to make few extra money.

Now take a deep breath and think inside in your mind how much money you want to earn every day? How much money you really need per month?

Money is a key that people really needed in their life to solved their needs. Doing the same work over and over again you can be a well-experienced person but if you can not increase income then this experience is not valuable.

Rev.Com site is now trusted by top big companies like CNN, Microsoft, Amazon, Duke.

But rev.Com is not worth it for the freelancer who wants to earn $15 – $20 per hour doing good work with confidence.

So if you want to make $100 dollars then I am going to share with you an idea that how you can use Rev.Com to make good money.

Make Money With Rev + Youtube Monetization!

As you know you can transcribe any video and audio file into text file help of rev. So if you want to make a good YouTube video that helps you to get millions of views? Also, help you turn views + ads into money? Then you need a good video script. So now go to YouTube and search with this keyword “Top 10 dangerous animals Mostamazingtop10”

Then you will see some videos that already have millions of view and the channel name is “Mostamazingtop10”

Mostamazingtop10 channel has millions of view

This video already has millions of view which this means lots of people watch and like this kind of video. Now what you can do, you can make a similar video that people will love to watch. Now copy a video link from mostamazingtop10 channel and order on Rev.Com to convert video to text. Now you have the same text file now go to


To re-write the text and make it a little bit different.

Now you have a good quality similar script text so you can use it to make a video. Now go to this link where I share top 10 must need video editing tools that help you to edit a video easily. Chose Camtasia 9 software and download it for free.

Look you can make money just you have to learn new skills, and you have to do work with creativity so that you can make passive income from YouTube. Doing the same boring work in Rev.Com hours after hours you will only make a few dollars, but if you invest the same time to gain knowledge and learn something that is valuable.

If you already watch a video from MostAmazingTop10 Youtube channel then you will notice a thing that all of the top 10 videos are easily made with slide share + few photos and they are using scrip to make the video professional so that viewer watch. And you already have the script to make a similar video.

Now if you don’t have video editing skills?

No problem watching this simple “Camtasia studio 9 tutorials” a few hours and practice you can edit a video very easily.

You don’t have to use your face just read the scrips and record your voice and for inside photo slide, you can download similar photos from google.

Like this way you can use viral video scrips to make a similar video to get views, subscribers and make money with YouTube AdSense.

Make 10 to 20 video every single month and upload on YouTube and share different social media group to get instant views.

Once you have 50 to 100 videos on YouTube then you will see you are gaining subscriber day by day and getting views then partner with YouTube monetization to start earning.

Make Youtube Channel Art, Thumbnails, Logo Using This Website


Generate Youtube Tags With 1 Click Help Of This Website


Youtube Keywords Reachers Tools Help You To Find More Good Similar Titel For Video


Now let me show you how much money this “MostAmazingTop10 Youtube channel” is making from google AdSense now copy the channel link and go to Socialblade.Com and past it and hit enter social blade help you to track & learn Youtube channel views, subscribers, earnings details.

Here estimated monthly earnings $9.4k – $149.8k

MostAmazingTop10 Youtube channel estimated monthly earnings proof

Daily earning $286 – $4.6k

MostAmazingTop10 Youtube channel Daily earning $286 - $4.6k
Earning Proof

Who Is Perfect For Rev Freelance Jobs?

  • Rev freelancer transcribe job is perfect for those people who are very interested in doing this simple work to make few extra money and do not view this as a career they just work in this company to spend their part-time.
  • You know in daily life we have to pay for lots of stuff so you can use the income to pay your monthly internet data, mobile recharge bills.
  • If you are a professional typer who type really fast then this work is going to pay you the most.
  • If you have a bad habit like you play lot’s of games every day & watch videos? And now you want to change your habits? Then start work in rev your valuable time will invest in work and you will learn new work experience.
  • If you are satisfied with only $200 monthly earning? Then you can continue.

Who Is Not Perfect For Rev Freelance Jobs?

  • If you are already working on this website for 1 – 2 years? Then you know how much money you can make and this money does not help you to make a good future.
  • If you are a freelancer & you are making money $10 to $15 per hour working on different site? and for more extra money you came here to earn? Then you should avoid it.
  • If you want to make $100 a day doing hard work on rev? Then this is not going to happen.
  • If you are an expert in online marketing and you have experience then this work is not perfect for you. I will suggest you learn affiliate marketing or start growing a YouTube channel and make money with Google Adsense.

Rev.com Doing Scam With Freelancers?

Rev.Com creation date is 2010 and still, they are paying weekly freelancers for their work. So rev is not doing scam with freelancers.

When beginners start work they get bored because they spend lots of time in rev transcribe work and after complect, they make little $.

That’s why some people give bad reviews.

But rev also have more good fetchers like free call recorder, voice recorder, foreign subtitles

Some freelancers are making good money here, Kira made $70 in the first week.

Rev freelancer name Kira her earning proof
Rev User Kira Earning Proof

Stay-at-home moms and college students are giving the 5-star review and sharing testimonials that rev is doing great and they are happy to work with rev companies.

  • Rev.Com is a trustable website and best for audio and video convert
  • Most of the freelancer give positive reviews and they are satisfied working in the rev
  • You can work anytime you want
  • You can easily pick and choose which video & audio you want to transcribe
  • Paying very low
  • Lot’s of time you have to spend a long time to make some good money
  • To start this work you have to be good at English
  • Support & management are not very helpful [2-star support]
  • For some low-quality audios and videos, freelancers waste their valuable time and didn’t make anything.


I share all the right information that I know about the rev

And after doing work hard if you get paid little money then it’s like you have a lazy mindset and happy with it.

For your future career, you have no big dreams.

Look you can change your clothes
You can change your hairstyle
You can change your destination

But if you don’t change your mind? Then the same experience you have to face

So change your mind and think big.

Be your own boss and became a leader

Spend your valuable time in affiliate marketing and start your own business

In affiliate marketing, you have passive income options so work 1 time and earn over and over again.

Share Your Rev Experience

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