Today, many people like to make money at home working online.

Every day, thousands of people spend their valuable time on Facebook and YouTube and do the same over and over again scrolling on Facebook wall and watch YouTube new video again and again.

When did they learn something good that you can make money listen to music?

Then they get excited to earn money.


Can You Really Make Money With Music Xray Or SCAM

Music Xray is one of the sites that helps people to make money listening to music.

So if you already created an account in Music Xray website? or if you are interested to make money with Music Xray?

Then fast you have to learn the truth that you don’t know yet!

In this article, I am going to show you the deep information that Music Xray is perfect for you to make money or not? Or you are just wasting your time in it?

So stay with me…

What Is Music Xray?

Legitimate companies and professionals come here on this music Xray website to promote their music and if you listen to music and give your honest opinion that how you feel about the music? and what you think about the music you listen to? By doing this you are giving them valuable pieces of information that help them to market their music.

For this music review & for your honest opinion, you will get paid only a few cents.

My honest opinion is you can not make good amounts of money from it.


Because in different YouTube & Blog review people are saying that you can make $12 dollars per hour in music Xray. So when beginners know this kind of wrong money information then they excited and create an account to earn money by listing to music, but the truth is when they start listening music in music Xray for every 30 seconds they make only 10 cents and it’s like a garbage, after listening 2 or 3 music you will not get any new song to listen.

You create an account to make money that’s why they will give you only 2 – 3 welcome songs to listen and stay with them.

Then you will never receive any songs.

Some people claiming that they are getting new song all the time but this is not happening anymore because music Xray no longer approving new sign up.

But to show you inside how they are working? I create an account using a VPN. And I will explain to you all! a few paragraphs later.

In my personal thought, I think their website is broken or they are not distributing this song fairly to the publisher who wants to make money.

Why This Is Happening? logo

If I give you a quick example, you will understand this very well. : Suppose you have a company where about 1000 people submit their songs for a good check & review and they are paying you for the work.

So what should you do now? Now you only need 100 people to complete these tasks and you will pay them for their work.

This means 1000 song will review 100 people this is good work.

But music Xray all ready have many users so they are not fairly distributing the song, as a result, every week’s users only can review 2 – 3 song and make only 30 cents. Now, do you love to work in it? No way…

So do not waste your time because this website does not work the way it’s supposed to.

Music Xray Review Quick Summary:

Name: Music Xray
Site: Https://
Founder: Mike McCready
Category: Music
Best For: Music Artist
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No

Summary: Music Xray is a website where you have an opportunity to make money listening to new songs and give your honest opinion. They have 3 option to start work with them [1] I am a music artist [2] I am a music fan [3] I am a music industry professional. Number 2 I am a music fan options is for users where you can create a free account to start making money reviewing song but the bad thing is this option is not available now. I think they have now too many users and they are not fairly giving them the work to make money. But when I try to check their other options like “I am a music artist” then I notice a thing that they are using a video to explain what is music Xray and how it will help you but the video is too old video published Mar 5, 2015, which this means they don’t have enough time to update their content to make more user-friendly.

They are not updating their website content & using the old same content again and again. This is not a good sign.

If you play games or use social media apps on your smartphone then you will notice that day by day they are updating their apps, website, graphics and making more awesome looking for users and people love to give their opinion & some time give 5 star.

But and old apps or games if it’s not cool to use then they get what? Bad reviews & thumbs down vote.

Like this way, my vote is thumbs down 5 stars for music Xray.

And if music Xray website is good? Then people will love to share testimonial and people will share their success stories that how this website helps them to make money.

But go to YouTube and search with this keywords “music Xray review” you will not find any new videos and old review videos are saying this site is waste of time & no money, no work you will find inside.

What Is Inside Music Xray?

Inside Music Xray Looks

To show you what is inside I created a demo account in music industry professional options. After creating a demo account I receive an email from music x-ray they send me a pdf and said you have just created an account which this means you are interested in finding new song or acts or you will be providing valuable feedback please download this user guide and follow the link into the browser. If you want to download the pdf for review? Then here click here [Music Xray user guide pdf]

Inside music Xray they have some options like cash balance, you can request a payment when your balance will reach $20, opportunity listening, and notification option to show updates all the new things.

I didn’t find anything interested inside hope this site is good for an artist who loves to sing, record, listen to the song.

They have a support chat box where you can ask any question and send a message to them then they will reply to you with the answer.

Also, Inside music Xray, they have a details video that what is all about music Xray and how does it work. The founder of music Xray mike McCready shares all the info in the video. If you want to learn then you can watch the video here down below.

Who Is Perfect For Music Xray Website?

This website is perfect for an artist to show and apply their talent to the industry and for a future good opportunity. Also, it will help a new artist to grow their targeted fans & followers. So if you love to sing and want to analyze that what real people think about it and you want to be a professional in music then music Xray will help you more.

However, this site is too old and they don’t have any updated content.

Who Is Not Perfect For Music Xray Website?

You know lots of beginners are interested to make money listening to music but they don’t know the right information that how, & what is inside happening?

People are really making money or not? they are getting the right music track to listen or not?

Because beginners are excited to make money without knowing is it a scam or legal.

If you are a beginner who is interested to make money? Please stay away from this website it is not perfect for you.

If you need proof? Then here learn what real people are saying

Click the image to read the full reviews.

Music Xray real people opinion 1

Music Xray real people opinion 3

Music Xray Website Is A Scam?

Music Xray website is not a scam but they are using people to make money from music lovers. They are showing people virtual money imagination so that they work and follow their command end of the day you will not make a penny. You will always find a negative review of this website on google.

I think it would be nice to put this website in the zoo. Every day people will come to the music zoo and hear new songs and enjoy.

Music Xray Alternative Site To Make Money?

I am only sharing this information to achieve your trust and give you the right guideline music Xray alternative site is slicethepie.Com and if you search and do your own research you will find more website.

Slicethepie will pay you to write a review on a new song, fashion items, and some survey. Same work like music Xray give your honest feedback and make money.

To get paid directly to your PayPal account you have to earn a minimum $10 and to send the amount in your account it will take 5 business days to process.

But sharing your honest opinion and making money from this kind of website it’s like you are running in full speed for a penny.

I will recommend you to run in a big money-making system.

  • Music Xray is good for an artist
  • New artist, a singer can acquire over 15,000 fans per months
  • Music Xray website is now too old
  • You can not make money from it
  • Music Xray All success stories are too old
  • Now music Xray has lot’s of negative review on google
  • Too many suspects

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I already share all the proof that music Xray website is not perfect for you


Share your music Xray experience!
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Your opinion is very valuable because it will help beginners to understand what is real and truth

If you are interested to start your own business & want to succeed in affiliate marketing?

Then I already share my recommendation with you.

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