If you have free time and you want to make a little extra money every single day?

Then survey work is good for you

Just complete your question-answer or record a video and give your honest opinion

Then you can easily make $10 to $50 with mindswarms survey work.


Can You Really Make Money With Mindswarms Or a SCAM

I want to welcome you that you come here to do your own research and want to learn more deep information that is this mindswarms website really going to help you to make money? Or it’s a waste of time.

Step by step I am going to show you some true facts that help you to make a decision and save you valuable time.

You know there are thousands of websites online and they are making people fool with money imagination.

What they do is they say a pick up line like “Hey complete this survey in 5 minutes and you can earn $100” then when beginners saw this kind of big money then they are excited and take action without learning the deep information, that this site will really going to help or not but end of the day when they learn that this site is doing scam and paying low money then they avoid it and give a bad review.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get accepted into mindswarms survey work.

It takes a week or months to get accepted so you have to be patient and keep waiting to get approved.

You will get an email confirmation when you get accepted then you can start work.

And if you are accepted into a study after you apply then typically they will pay you $50 to respond 12 questions and you have to record 40 – 60 seconds video for each question you answer.

One good part is you can get paid by PayPal within 24 hours.

If I give you my personal opinion this is not going to help you to make big money and this work is not perfect for you!

What Is Mindswarms?

Mindswarms is a paid research community where product reviewers, researchers, storytellers have access to give their answers and share their opinion.

You have to do a mobile video survey and you can also do this survey on your desktop webcam. They will give you few questions then you have to answer it by recording video because they want to see your facial expressions, react, attitude and others type of little speech you say in the video, and you are helping them to answer, review product, researchers based on their studies doing this thing you will make a decent amount of money.

Once you answer and complete recording video then you have to submit it, then they will review and if your work is good to go you will get paid in 24 hours for your survey work.

When you visit mindswarms.Com website you will notice that they already have all professional looks and resources, service, and quality support to help beginners to learn how to start work with them.

Anyone from worldwide who is not shy and interested to make money by video survey can apply for this work. To gain more knowledge you can learn from pro tips, inspiration, use cases.

Mindswarms Review Quick Summary:

Name: Mindswarms
Site: Mindswarms.com
Founder: Tom Bassett
Category: Survey
Price: Free
Best For: Anyone Who Wants To Make Money With A Video Survey
Rating : 3 / 5
Recommended: No


You will get paid for a study of 7 to 10 questions and for every single study of 1 question you will make at least $10. If you complete all 7 to 10 questions then you will typically make $70 to $100 get paid instantly if your good work is approved by a review team. You can do video recording for the survey work with apple require ios 9/ android require 4.4 KitKat or others/desktop/laptop/webcam. For a better experience, they already have mobile apps you can download from google play store and apple store.

The important is your privacy safety mindswarms they only have access to the video response your record and your first name, last name, gender, age, city, phone number the rest of all information include and will be never shared with anyone. Only your information will be published if you give permission.

You have to submit an application when you want to apply for work and you have to participate in English language and foreign-language speakers are also approved for this work team will guide you with details. If you are interested in a study then follow their guidelines submit your application then the team will notify you that you are right for this study. If you are not selected then you will receive an email that wasn’t chosen for the study. Not to worry you can apply for another one.

If you can record the best quality video then there is the chance to get approved fast so follow the steps to record quality videos

  • Find a well comfortable quiet place to record
  • When you start response to keep your eye on the camera
  • Try to give quick responses with informative info
  • At least record 40 – 60 seconds video with good quality sound
  • Do not record your video in over lighting place that makes your video full white like the whiteboard
  • Give your best record with thoughtful, honest

But if you are interested & smart for the task, you can easily handle all the think I will recommend you to learn from this from resources and practice at least 2-3 times before you join in this mindswarms website.

Mindswarms Survey Questions Examples + Answer!
Survey Questions Examples + Answer!

But the honest thing is 1 real user deleting her account because after qualifying for the studies he never receives a confirmation email even a rejection email which this means they have some management problem or not caring their site’s members

Mindswarms Real User Deleting Her Account
Real User Review

Another real user said it’s west of time and it’s not worth it.

Mindswarms Another real user said it's west of time

However, in my own opinion, not everyone likes to record videos and don’t want to share their faces. This company is using people paying a little $ for their video survey and after following their guideline if you apply and don’t get approved then it really hurt and disappointed.

And beginners people have to understand all the process and if they get approved at least they need a few weeks to record a video in a good way. Because the first time you can not record a quality video like a superstar it takes time and you have to practice & grow skills.

What Is Inside Mindswarms?

I am not interested in this kind of survey but to show you what is inside and give you an idea of how exactly people work that’s why I created a demo account. If you are interested then you can sign up for free after creating your account you will see a video of two-person and they will ensure you how to responses and record a study video that helps you to get approved easily.

Inside Mindswarms You Will See A Video Of 2 Person
Inside Mindswarms Video guideline

After watching the video then they will send you to the next step where you have to record a video. After complete recording a 60-second video you have to complete your personal profile.

Then you will see the dashboard interface like this where they have referral friends option to help your friends earn extra money and referral them to start study.

Mindswarms Inside Earning Opportunity

Few options to make $50 dollars

  1. Your plans for the future – apply for this is study and share your future plan
  2. The products I use 2 – apply for this study and tell them what kind of product you like to use
  3. Car shopping – apply for this study if you are considering purchasing or leasing a new car.

But I didn’t find any kind of study to start they said a new study on the way unfortunately at this moment there is no study that fits your profile and they said to check the setting to enable for email notification.

They don’t have any kind of live support live chat options, only when you will face a problem then you have to connect with them by email: [email protected]

Some people are making money sharing their video survey with mindswarms but this is not good for your future career it’s a website that helps you to earn money part-time.

Who Is Perfect For Mindswarms?

  • This website is perfect for a freelancer who is interested to make money by giving their opinion and they don’t have a problem to share their real face for video survey work.
  • People shared their interested that they want to work as a product review spokesperson so if you are one of them? You can start work.
  • If you are already working in fiverr.Com and you have a gig where you offer as video spokesperson then you can make more extra money from mindswarms.
  • If you are wasting your time making a video in Tiktok, Dubsmash or other mobile apps but now you want to learn something good then you can start work in mindswarms to gain knowledge doing video survey work.
  • If you play games every day in twitch.Tv and go live with your friends then you can start part-time work in mindswarms to make money.

Who Is Not Perfect For Mindswarms?

  • If you are a shy person who is not interested to make a video then this work will not be going to help with anything.
  • If you are a professional video maker then don’t waste your time on the site to make a few bucks go join a big company for professional work to make big money.
  • If you already have a good plan & mindset and you just start a YouTube channel to share your experience, tips, tricks to grow your YouTube channel big? Then don’t come here in mindswarms to make money.

Because you just have to focus on 1 to get the best result and you can make money with the YouTube partner program monetize your channel with Adsense you have the opportunity to make passive income from YouTube. Mindswarms have no passive income opportunity it’s like daily jobs that pay you for work.

Mindswarms Alternative Site To Make Money?

If you are interested in this mindswarms website but for some reason, you didn’t get any kind of work then I have an alternative site for you create a free account in Fiverr.Com then published an awesome gig like this video spokesperson

Mindswarms Alternative Site Fiverr Gigs

You can see this person will make an awesome spokesperson video in English or Spanish for $75 he will recording 150 words.

Which this means he is charging $75 for 60 seconds to 1-minute video and he already gets 368 order which this means already made average 368 x 75 = $27,600 from the simple video recording work.

Fiverr is the best marketplace to sell your gigs and make money. Almost millions of clients visit fiverr.Com site every month to buy different stuff they needed.

So you have an opportunity to make a good amount of money recording videos all work from home.

  • Mindswarms site founded in September of 2008 it’s an old trusted site
  • Pay in 24 hours directly by PayPal
  • Professional website
  • They have both apple & android apps
  • In their resources page, they have some guidelines
  • This work is for worldwide anyone can apply
  • Not everyone gets approved for work
  • Sometimes users delete their account because they don’t get approved for work
  • It’s taken some times to complete the studies
  • Paying low…

Mindswarms Is A Scam?

In their site research case I saw that lots of people are doing this work and they have video proof which means they are still working with this company and making money and getting paid. Real users already share their studies, questions, videos so mindswarms site is not a scam.

But for some reason, users are giving them bad reviews that when they apply for this work they not get accepted and some of the people wait a long time to get accept and try again and again but there is no response.


If you want to make good amounts of money? Then mindswarms is not perfect for you. People are working here to spend their part-time to make a little cash. Knowledge is important that help you to turn a system to make cash in hand. If you work in mindswarms then you have to do the same work again like a job. There is no passive income opportunity

So you have to continually work to make money continuously

But what happens if you have a ready to start a system that helps you to make big money?

You can do your own business and you have a passive income opportunity

Start the proven Affiliate Marketing Training to make money with confidence


Shere your mindswarms experience

Write a few words in comments

I respect my reads opinion


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