We spend about two to three hours a day on social media.

And social media helps us with upcoming news and various important information.

As a result, we can learn new things every day and get to know others.

In the same way, if you watch on social media or a video that you can earn money by reviewing phone calls?

Through this website name Humanatic.Com?

And you want to know people are actually making money with humanatic, they are actually paying people or not?

Then you’re in the right place


Can You Really Make Money With Humanatic SCAM or LEGIT

Today I will share with you some very important information about this humanatic.Com site that you have not yet learned

But let me tell you in advance humanatic phone call review work is not perfect for you.

If I imagine you about big cars, big house, big dreams, and freedom of life, then I can easily achieve your trust! And why not everyone likes this big money thinks.

After doing a few informative research and reviewing real people opinion who work on humanatic website & spending their valuable time they said something that is shocking.

If you do work hard day after day then end of the month you can only make $60 to $80 from this humanatic website but there is no guarantee that you get paid.

Why? I will show you the proof in a few paragraphs later.

If you are a beginner? Who is interested to make money reviewing phone calls and if you have interested in this humanatic website then do not make your brain fall in love with money imagination stay away from it and first learn deep information then make a right decision.

What Is Humanatic?

Whois.Net data said that humanatic website creation date: 2010/04. Humanatic it’s is a software that they created to provide a good service to companies to analyze their phone calls. There are lots of company worldwide they need this kind of reviews and honest people opinion to increase and improve their customer service, sales, adding new updates, user-friendly, to make them safe and profitable in future.

So humanatic will give you to listen to the company’s phone calls then you have to give an honest review about the phone calls like what you think, what to improve etc. Doing this phone calls review work you can make only $1 to $4.50 an hour.

You can work from home or anywhere you are from but the real thing is they are not accepting new applications at this time.


Because they are doing fraud with innocent people they have some error problem in their website like you just earn $5 and your account balance is $5 so when you log out and in the next day when you log into your account, you see that your account balance is only $0.089.

Click the image if you want to see the live proof

Humanatic doing fraud with innocent people proof 1

You can get paid directly to your PayPal account but you have to earn a minimum $10 to request a payout.

But real people said that when the time comes payout they ban their account without any notification.

Humanatic ban users account without any notification proof 2

Humanatic Review Quick Summary:

Name: Humanatic
Site: Https://www.humanatic.com
Owner: Not Found
Category: Call Tracking Services
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Who Want Easy Work From Home Review Jobs
Rating : 0 / 5
Recommended: No


To start making money from humanatic website you have to learn 3 steps that how it works.. [step 1] humanity website they help their clients to review their phone calls [step 2] they provide them the right analytics data [step 3] this valuable information data help their clients to improve their services, sales, advertising.

And users who want to make money? They join in humanatic to start the phone calls reviewing work and give honest review data to humanatic to make money per hours.

Humanitics said they will never charge for anything and you don’t have to pay for any work, you don’t have to receive any phone calls, you don’t have to go for any live conversation you don’t have any third-party problems, all you have to do is review the phone calls just transcribe a full conversation for every call you listen and give them the data. All your work is done.

This is all good to know it will feel you that you can make money but the real tricks are inside based on real people opinion they have management problem in their site lot’s of errors, bugs, so after doing hard work if they don’t review your work properly + not pay you for your work?

Then you are just wasting your valuable work.

That’s why they are now not providing work to new users and closed it for improvement.

Now every business has few mistakes and problems that help them to improve for the future. But what happened if you don’t get the right support? Yes, when you have a problem in your account it’s hard to connect humanatic customer service.

A uses said that he is earning almost 50 USD a week working 5 hours a day and you have to be good in English in both writing and listening and this is how you can happy and successful in humanatic.

A uses said that he is earning almost 50 USD from humanatic

But working 5 hours a day if he makes only $50 weeks?

So how much time he spent every day in humanatic?

Let’s calculate the time & money

7 x 5 = 35 hours a weeks = earn $50
Now [usd $50 ÷ 35 hours] = $1.4 per hour? Waste of time…

What Is Inside Humanatic?

As you know humanatic is now not approving new user that’s why I search on youtube to learn from old data what is exactly inside and how to do all the work.

Basically, when people sign up and login into the account they have to complete their profile. You have to set up a passport size image in your account, then you have to add your Paypal account in the setting option to request a payout.

Inside Humanatic dashboard

Then you have to go to the category list where you will see 2 options

  • 1 live conversation – outbound – calls – payout per review

An outbound call means when customer care calls a customer to provide some service to sell or help.

  • 2 live conversations – inbound – calls – payout per review

An inbound call means when a customer calls customer care for a service or help.

Humanatic have more category to start work but the FAST time you can start work with this 2 category & others category are locked

When step by step you did review work and earn some money then they will unlock other categories one by one.

Then you have to click the review button to start listening to a call + then give the honest opinion to earn cash.

I also watch 2015, 2016 old review videos, people work and make legal money from it. I have seen real proof of PayPal account payments that people get paid from humanatic.

But now this website is like old school because people facing many management problems inside they are not getting review works that’s why too many bad reviews.

Why This Problem Happening?

Suppose you have a similar website where you get work from big companies to make calls reviews through users and pay them for their honest reviews.

But you also need some time to maintain everything a-z with your team, and in order to give better service both company’s and users you have to update your website, software, work skills + day by day.. + you have to give them updates result + complected work in time but if there is an error then what happen? Need more time to fix it.

And if you don’t complete all of your work in time right time then the problem will continue to grow.

It’s just my personal opinion that I shared with you. Maybe they have some other problems inside humanatic.

Who Is Perfect For Humanatic?

Humanatic call reviewing work is perfect for those people who are interested to make a penny doing lots of hard work day after day week after week.

If you are from Asian countries then this work will help you to earn a little every day.

Beginners who have lots of time and want to learn how to call reviewing work exactly have to do.

If you dream that you want to join call center companies to earn good money doing a job in the future? Then you can get experience working on humanatic website for free.

Who Is Not Perfect For Humanatic?

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur who is interested to earn thousands of dollars every single month then this is not perfect for you.

If you just start doing survey work in any kind of website and for more extra income you are in humanistic to do part-time work? To make big money? Then this is not for you because doing a survey you will make $1 even $5 for 1 complete survey that takes only 5 to 10 minutes. But in humanistic website, if you work 1 hour you will only make 1.4 dollars to low…

One thing I noticed that most of the people who join in humanatic site they previously worked on different paid-to-click, data entry sites.

I don’t know why people waste their time in this kind of website and invest their valuable days, night, weeks to make only 50 to 60 dollars.

And most of the time this kind of website is not legit.


Scam people make multiple websites with a new-new domain name then install a WordPress theme in their website and make paid to click, data entry website in an hour. Then start promoting with fake currency and money imagination. Then innocent people when see that they can make money doing click on ads or invite your friend to earn $10? Then they excited and sign up their account and start wasting their time to make a penny.

When the time to get paid then they learn the truth that the website is doing scam all the time with them.

So if you have ever seen on a website or video that you can earn a lot of money in a short time? Then first deeply review the website properly before sing up.

Good company & website always have real people good reviews, testimonials & success story.

Humanatic Alternative Website To Make Money?

Humanatic Alternative Website To Make Money

Almost thousands of people work on this website but for some reason, they are avoiding and finding an alternative to make money. But to help you I find another good alternative website that pays well doing the same call reviewing work.

Reynolds and Reynolds site name Reyrey.Com

They provide computer software service, selling, management client business + more
In Reynolds and Reynolds, they have lots of job opportunities just go to this link


and search with these keywords ” Call quality analyst ”

Then you will find this job


You can make $11 per hour and you can work up to 29 hours per week

Some basic simple requirement needed to start work

  • Basic computer skills
  • You have to good in English communication
  • Desire to work in a team environment

It’s a good website and their facebook page is verified.

Humanatic Website Is A Scam?

If you notice then you will see that many people who worked here in 2014-15 they earn money from it.

But now for some internal problems, people are giving a bad review for this site.

In my personal opinion, this site is not a scam.

But inside they are doing lot’s of mistake and don’t give enough value to users that’s why they are saying this site is now cheating & doing fraud.

If you work the call reviewing work in a good site you can easily make $11 + per hours but humanatic is only paying penny that’s why now they don’t deserve value from users.

  • Humanatic is a legitimate site
  • To start work you don’t have to pay for training it’s free to join
  • They ban users account without any previous warning
  • For call reviewing work, they are paying to low price
  • Users are very disappointed for the wrong managements & error problems.
  • Users are not satisfied with their customer support
  • Take to much time to complete a work

My Recommendation

By doing this work on another website you cannot make good amounts of money. I think people do this kind of work to waste their time because they don’t want to play hard with their brain & don’t learn new skills & satisfy with $ little money.

So if you want to grow your skills and want to make big money? then I will recommend you to start affiliate marketing & start your own business to make money with confidence.

Remember money made with some papers + some valuable peoples photos + watermark = money

But you can build a system that helps you generate the same money over and over again


So now you already learn why humanatic is not perfect for you…

Avoid this site and move forward in big money

Share your humanatic experience

Write a few words in comments below..

Till then goodnight.

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