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Today I am going to share with you some true facts and some proof that helps you to make a decision that feature points is it really going to help you to make money?

Or you are wasting your valuable time for a penny.


Can You Really Make Money With Feature Points Or ScamAlert

You know every day in google play store there are thousands of application are published

So that people like you and me download the apps and use them for our needs.

We use Facebook to communicate with our friends, we use Instagram to edit fun & share our photos, we play a different kind of action games and all of these apps are helping us to spend time and learn something good.

Similarly, if you know about feature points apps from Facebook or play store and you think you can make money everyday help of this apps?

Then you are making a bad decision.

Spending time over and over again in feature point apps end of the day you cannot even buy a pizza with your rewards points and earning cashback.

It’s just a good app like Facebook and Instagram you can use this app to make fun with your friend, and earn a few points because you are giving your valuable time to this app that’s it.

Do not make a bad decision like hey I am going to work hard I will complete surveys, download apps and make $10 dollars a day.

It’s not going to happen.

What Are The Feature Points?

Feature Points is a point exchanging money-making system that will help you to earn points if you complete some task.

If I give you an example: You use play store? so sometimes you download different apps to use it that benefit you. But you didn’t make money from it. Like this way, if you use the feature points they will give you some app to download and use it, and when you download and use the apps then feature points will give you some points like you just earn 200 points downloading this clash of clans game.

Feature points also have survey work where you have to answer a few questions like:. Do you own a dog? What car do you drive? Do you own any game console? Then simply read the survey question and give honest thoughtful feedback, it will take 1 to 5 minute to complete 1 survey and for this completing survey work, you will earn more points.

Also, you can earn cashback for purchase at your favorite shop & store when you want.

Every day people purchase something from online so if you use feature points and then you go to a website and purchase something think you need? And for this purchase feature points, will give you more points.

End of the day doing all of the simple tasks you will earn 100 or 500 points.

Then if you need money? Just exchange this point into money to cash out from feature points.

But do you know how much time you need to make $5 – $10?

If you step by step complete daily tasks, it will take 7 to 10 days to earn only 5 to 10 dollars.

Then you can exchange the points into credits to withdraw money.

And if you don’t want to withdraw money then you can redeem your points for awesome rewards like Amazon gift card, PayPal gift card, app store gift card also you can use this points for your Xbox, PlayStation, bitcoin, and many others sites.

I think spending time for a few gifts? & credits? This is not a smart idea.

Feature Points Review Quick Summary:

Name: Feature Points
Site: Https://featurepoints.com/
Founder: George Pogostin, Steven Brener
Category: Mobile Ad Network
Bonus: 50 Referral Points
Price: Download Free Apps From Play Store & Apple Store
Best For: Who Want To Earn Rewards
Rating : 3 / 5
Recommended: No


Feature points website & apps launched in 2012 and they already paid over $5.6 million to users all over the world. If you are waiting for a bus or you are in a cafe waiting for your friends or you are on the line but you want to spend your valuable time to make some rewards? Then feature points will help you to earn some points completing a few easy tasks then you can turn the point into cash anytime you want.

Just get started to create your free account to earn points from the Web on your PC also you can earn a point from your Phone, Android & IOS apps available.

In-play store feature points already get 4.4 ratings from real users and almost 5,000,000+ installs.

Feature points already have a referral option where you have an opportunity to earn 50% points.

What you have to do is share your referral link to your friends, if your friend interested to get rewards?

Then they will sign up using your link and after sing up you will instantly earn 50 points and every time your friends earn points completing a task?

You will earn 50% forever without any work.

So How Many Feature Points You Need To Earn? Convert It Into Dollar? And Payout?

If you work, if you complete survey, download apps, then you must have to earn 3,000 points to earn $5 and then you can get paid by PayPal, Bitcoin. Which this means 600 points you can exchange into only $1 and this is very low.

Feature Points Pay by $5 Bitcoin
Earn 3,000 Points To Get Paid By Bitcoin

But for more deeply research I read real people reviews that what did they think? It’s really helping them to get rewards and make money or not?

Here one of the real user name “King YT” said: “I got my point but my reward was never given to me” and he almost wastes lots of time doing this work now he is saying that this is scam & very disappointed.

User share feature points bad review proof 1
Play Store Review By Real User

Here one of the real user name “Trunks Briefs” said: after downloading and sign up in apps immediately he getting started some error for survey quizzes and he is claiming that this app is broken are have a problem.

No matter how good apps and website you have, all of this think made for users so that they can get the benefit. And when real users will test and try then they will share with you the real experience and honest opinion.

You can see the real review by yourself just go to the play store and search “Feature points” and read reviews, I already read lots of reviews and give you few examples so that you understand what is happening inside.

Some of the users say that they didn’t get anything did not earn any points after complect few tasks, their account has been suspended without any previous warning and they are recommended that don’t download this app because of its waste of time and effort.

Another user said he don’t know how long time needs to cash out the points.

What Is Inside Feature Points?

You already know that you can use feature point from your mobile phone and from the desktop so to show you what is inside I create demo account from the desktop. After creating my account they instantly give me 10 points for this signup bonus.

Inside Feature Points Dashboard

In the dashboard, they have some options like

  • Get featured points on your mobile email me a link

So if you click on this option then they will automatically send you an email with feature points app mobile download link.

  • Enter our contest and win!

If you click enter now then it will redirect you to another page where they will show you that you have the opportunity to win 30,000 points and for this contest, you need 1 token.
You can enter every day for the best chance to win this contest and to earn 1 token every day you have to spend 20 points.

  • Complete surveys

Feature Points Complete surveys option

In complete survey option, they share 7 – 8 survey details like how much time you have to spend to complect, how many points you can earn, then if you click one of the surveys to start they will step by step ask you few questions. Also, they have given your opinion survey where you can share your personal opinion to earn points.

  • Earn cashback

In the cashback option, you can search for a store for online shopping featured points already add many shops website in their option some famous brands are

Nike, Microsoft, Fila, Old navy, Macy’s, indigo books & music, New balance athletic shoe, Walmart, forever 21, Sephora, GameStop + more

And if you buy something you will get cashback points to use it later in feature points

  • Offers wall
Feature Points Offers wall option
Offers wall to earn more

Offers wall is a new option features point add in their site where you can earn more points. What you have to do is choose an offer open it in new windows fill in your valid information & email address then you will earn a point.

  • Gift card

You can exchange points with different brands to use and get benefits. Some of them are Amazon.Com, Google Play, PlayStation Store, Starbucks, Xbox, Adidas.Com, Dominos.Com, Dunkin Donuts, Target + more

  • Cash

Get paid by PayPal, Visa gift card, Bitcoin

That’s all options inside available and it’s only good for beginners who don’t have enough knowledge about online money making system that’s why they investing their valuable time in feature points and make a few dollars every week.

What Is Feature Points Hack Code?

Lots of lazy people who don’t have any work & they don’t know how to spend their time. For their negative mindset, they want to be lazier and that’s why thy search in Google or Youtube for feature points hack, software, apps, they need crack code that helps them to earn unlimited points without any working.

First of all, feature points is a professional website and no one can hack their apps to generate unlimited points.

When I search on Youtube and Google for more research then I saw some of the scam people share hack video like “How to hack feature points +100k points per day” and sharing some information that goes to this example.Com website and adds your feature points username to get unlimited points.

But this is totally fake because scam people make this kind of website to make people fool and they grab their email address & information.

After complete some fake processing, they will show that there is an error 404 not found.

Always hide your personal important information like credit card number, PayPal email, bank information + never visit a hacked web site and do not download any hacked mobile apps. Because scam people can do wrong with you if they know that you are the next fool person? Then you are the next victim of cheating.

Feature Points Alternative Apps To Make Money?

I know lots of people already create an account in feature points but they didn’t make anything and sometimes they get suspended, some of the users work hard and earn some point but they didn’t get paid. If you are one of them? I have a good alternative to the same apps for you that will help you to make money doing the same work.


You can download and install this app from Google play store.
1000 coins = $1

How you can make money? Just install the app then watch videos, take a survey, download free mobile apps and for this work, you will earn coins.

Cash pirate also has free product trials option, referral program where you can earn at least 10% also you can earn a gift card, cash rewards, mobile recharge.

In Google play store cash pirate already get 4.4 ratings but you cannot expect to earn $10 every day doing this simple work on cash pirate apps.

Who Is Perfect For Feature Points?

  • If you are an android game player who plays action game and sometimes you have to upgrade your weapon then you can use this feature points app. Because you can turn your earning points into google play gift card and you can use this gift card to upgrade your games weapon, level, and lots of other things.
  • Do you love to do shopping online? Every day you have to buy some stuff that you really need and you want to save some money? And get cashback? Then you can easily use feature points to get some cashback & save money.
  • Every week you download top trending apps from play store in your smartphone to learn to new things and get the benefit from it? Then you can also use features point just do the same work & earn few extra money.

Who Is Not Perfect For Feature Points?

  • If you are a college student and you are using some educational apps on your mobile? Then do not use features points because it can distract your attention when you study.
  • If you already make some money using feature points and you have some experience? Then I will suggest you avoid it. Because now you have the experience, skills and you know how to complete a survey properly now you can apply this experience & skils in another good survey website to get a high payout.

Feature Points Is A Scam?

Feature Points is not a scam but you cannot make good amount of money from it. Sometime you will not get points after complect survey and download free apps because inside user faces some error problem. When you try survey some of them will be unfair because they will ask you few questions and you have to answer it in few minutes then you will see the result if you qualify then you will earn points and if you don’t qualify then you have to continue again.

My Recommendation To You!

Look features points only an app that helping you and others to make money but did you know how they make money and pay people?

Because the big company came here on these features points website and pay features points to collect real people data and honest opinion that help them to improve their site, sales and for future upgrade.

When you will complete some survey then you are giving them the honest data that they are looking for. And when you download their apps and install & used in your phone then you are helping them to make money because they will show you some video ads, new offers so that you buy some stuff and get the benefit.

But feature points is not going to help you to make passive income.

If you want to earn big money every month then you have to choose something that will work for you with confidence.

I will recommend you to start affiliate marketing to generate passive income month after month doing the same work

In affiliate marketing, you can make money while sleeping.

Join this Affiliate Marketing Free Training learn how everything works and gains knowledge so that you can take action for something big$…

  • Work when you want you can start from pc, laptop, mobile
  • You can make $5 – $10 weekly work from home
  • You don’t need any kind of advanced skills to start work
  • If you like earning rewards? Then this app made for you
  • Some user earn points but for some reason, their account gets suspended
  • Inside they have some error problem
  • Some user getting the same survey again & again
  • Surveys work not available all the time
  • To get rewarded some it takes a long time
  • They are paying very low


Do not try to expect to earn some good amounts of money from features points.

It’s a website to spend some time and get some cashback

I think people are wasting their valuable time for a little earning

Invest this same time to gain knowledge and grow your skills

I already share all of the feature points information that you should know

Now it’s time to take your own decisions


Share your features points experience

Write a few words in comments below

Thank you so much for a stay in my article”

See you in the next review

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It Will Take Up To 2 Business Days To Process The Reward Into Your Account. Feature Points Will Email You When Reward Is Ready!

To Get Redeem Bitcoin Rewards You Need A Coinbase Account To Receive Bitcoin.

When You Will Send Them A Message From The Contact Option Then They Will Connect With You From This Email Address [email protected] And [email protected]

If You Do Not Log In To Your Features Points Account For More Than 60 Days? Your All Point Will Be Expiry And Reset To 0.

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