Blazing Trader Is Foreign exchange fraud Confirmed!

You will learn $20,000 secret if you stay watching a fake person video and how about this if this demo fake person

Also give you his personal guarantee that you will have the money in your bank account by this time from tomorrow.

That will be great why not because this person already has lots of fake money in his pocket and believe it or not this person

Also they will going to push you so that you watch the entire video at end of the video you have to buy their program so that they can earn money from you.

If you watch this kind of promo video and you are not interested to learn more about that is this blazing trader program is a scam or legal? Then you came to the right place.

Blazing Trader Using Actors To Promote Scam

Blazing trader program is a scam and it will only suck your money.

So fast if you already investing your money in this kind of scam thing? then fast go to their support option or connect with them and ask for a refund.

Why Blazing Trader Is a SCAM?


Here is my 5 red flag will help you to better understand why this blazing trader program is a scam.

  • False imagination
  • Using paid actor
  • A fake notification plugin
  • Fake Payments Proof
  • No real founder


False imagination when you watch the promo video a few minutes later the fake person will show you Ferrari car, a big luxury house, some good nature photo, and definitely where you will go to your next vacation?

But you still don’t know what you will exactly get inside the program.

False imagination 1 False imagination 2 False imagination 3


The person you saw in the video he is a paid actor and this kind of video scam people buy from fiverr.Com with the cheap price.

So if they have lots of money? and they always show you how you can make thousands of dollar? then why they outsource this kind of video.


Using a fake notification plugin that shows you already 34 spots remaining.

If you visit this website 1 month later then you will see the same 34 spots remaining.

Blazing Trader Using fake notification
Fake notification


They want to re-target you by email so first, they will say that this program is 100% free for you now and you have the opportunity to download it but when you will sign up with your email you will get every day a fake email to your inbox and they will push you to buy their program or invest $250 dollar.


You will never find who is the real founder of the program because they will give you lots of fake information. if you don’t know who is the real founder of this program? then there is no time to waste in it


Fake Payments Proof, Testimonials, Fake Pickup Lines, Fake Money Imagination

Fake Payments Proof

Fake Testimonials

Fake Testimonials Proofs
Same Photo In Photo Stock Site

 Blazing Trader Review Quick Summary: 

Product name: Blazing trader
Site: https://blazingtraderprogram.Com


Owner: Johan Strand ( a fake demo name )
Category: Online Trading
Bonus: Fake $1000 trading balance
Price: $250 deposit
Best for: Those who want to earn money very quickly through online trading and want to be cheated.
Refund: Nope
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: Never
Blazing trader it’s an online Scam trading program where you have to create an account then you must have to deposit $250 to start trade. They will always give you a free guideline and some free fake money balance so that they can achieve your trust. But the real thing is all the website design is fake there using some script to make the kind of website they buy this kind of auto trading script from the web developer and illegally used in their site to promote scam trade profit program. So that innocent people trust them and invest their money and become a fake millionaire tomorrow morning. If you sign up they will re-target you by email with some fake payment proof that other members are making thousands of dollar every single day so deposit first to start making cash.

Inside Blazing Trader?

I personally reveal lots of scam trading program like a blazing trader. They will definitely give you more opportunity so that you sign up with your email address and phone number and definitely they will show you more proof of people that they are instantly making thousands of dollar every single day.

To promote their program they will say lots of fake promise that this software is 100% automation, you can make money automatically because it’s auto trading program it will work for you if you in deposit $250.

When you are in their online trading platform website then instantly you will see a notification that a person just won $50 and a few seconds later you will see another person just won $100 like this way they will show you one by one fake notification.

So that you trust and start playing with auto trade.

Inside Blazing Trader Have Same Look 1
Inside Blazing Trader Have Same Look

Another Site Inside Blazing Trader Have Same Look 2

I try to create an account reveal the truth but there is an error for registration.

But they already have the same website design interface as this 1k daily profit, 30k 30 day challenge, bitcoin traders pro.


Blazing Trader already suck lot’s of innocent people money doing scam!

1st they will achieve your trust, 2nd you will follow and invest money because they crack your mind with false imagination.

3rd they will make you rich quick!

But in real life they just make you fool.

So avoid it as soon as possible.

Write your experience in comments below

So that beginner can avoid this kind of mistake!

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