Bitcoin University It’s an online trading platform & Scam Confirmed!

Bitcoin is the future of money making system if you are interested to make $86,000 fake money in 30 days.

When you invest $250 today tomorrow at least you will make $2,000 in your fast 24 hours and it’s a proven system with a guarantee because bitcoin university is a scam system that will help you and guide you and give you all the magical drink if you just drink these things every day then the next months you will be the successful person in bitcoin world.

Bitcoin University Using BBC News Without Permission

This is the way that bitcoin university is promoting their scam system by showing some fake payment proof with a lot of fake promise.

So that innocent people invest their valuable money in their false system.

If you already watch this kind of promo video or some blog post in social media? then avoid them as soon as possible. Because they have a scam mindset and they already have lots of fake money in the bank account.

WHY Bitcoin University Is a SCAM?


Here is my 7 bullet point that helps you know why bitcoin university is a scam.

  • Using news video
  • Using famous sites logo
  • No social profiles
  • Fake money imaginations
  • Push you to invest
  • No founder
  • Using multiple scam websites

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They already add news videos in their website without any permission and the main thing is they are using a video editing software to cut news videos from a different channel and then re-edit a new video so that people can trust that they are already famous in news.

Bitcoin University Using News video 1

Bitcoin University Using News video 2


Using the famous site, blog, and news site logo on their website so that people trust them.

using famous sites logo


They already have lots of time to show you that how you can make money and get rich fast but they don’t have enough time to show their real face, and they don’t have enough time to show their social profiles.


Did you know who is the founder of this bitcoin university? You will never find because the scam people are hidden behind the computer.


They use fake testimonials, Fake money imaginations, Fake Payments Proof fake photos from different free photo stock site to show you a real person review who are making real money after investing in a fake system.

false money imagination 1 false money imagination 3 false money imagination 2
fake paycheck
Fake paycheck


They will always play with your mind so that you trust their system and end of the video they will definitely push you so that you invest in the system


They already have multiple low-quality websites to promote this scam here some of them Bitcoin Aussie system, Bitcoin investor

 Bitcoin University Review Quick Summary: 

Product name: Bitcoin university
Site: https://bitcoinuniversity.Cc/
Owner: Unknown
Category: Trading platform
Bonus: No
Price: $250 Deposit
Best for: No one
Refund: No
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: Never
Bitcoin university is a false trading platform they will show you how you can trade and win to make a scam profit. And how you invest $250 dollars turn it into $86,000 only within just 30 days they will teach you. In the same way, they tell you to do registering on their website. They have proven trading software that always helps you to win make a profit. And you will never lose if you continue. Then again they will say that you can earn 2000 dollars in 24 hours if you invest $ 250 now…The proven software ready to take action for you. First of all, you will never be able to profit through this trading software because they handle this trading software themselves…Only when you deposit money you will instantly win 2 – 3 trade then lose, lose, lose because they need your money. So that you invest again and they suck it from you.

Inside Bitcoin University?

First of all, they don’t have any kind of software, they only have a fake demo online trading platform where have only a few buttons like deposit, auto trade, win the trade, lose a trade, current money.

They buy this kind of demo trading platform from web development then illegally used on their website. To do scam with innocent people because they don’t have any idea about online money making scam.

They all show fake imagination that you can easily make thousands of dollar without any work because they have a magic auto trade button if you just click on it you will be the next $1000 owner. Your paycheck? you will get tomorrow morning in your bank account. Now you are part of their family and they had lots of members who are still earning thousands of dollar from bitcoin trading step by step they will blow your mind and make your fool so that end of the video you start trade & deposit the amount they are looking for.

And when I register to verify their authenticity they redirect me to another website.

But I already review lots of is scam online trading. Bitcoin university is same then they give some fake trading balance to account to grab the trust and show some fake notification that recently a demo person James win $50 doing trade.


Look bitcoin is real and people are also earning bitcoin by bitcoin mining, bitcoin trading, bitcoin transaction.

But the main thing is some fraud people are smartly playing with innocent people showing bitcoin big dream & imaginations.

They just push you to invest in bitcoin & and they will believe you if you invest 1 time $250 all done

You will earn thousands of dollars per months!

But if you deeply think why you will invest money if there is no writing agreement? No real terms and conditions?

I already share my point for you to learn the truth!

Just avoid it. Bitcoin university is just a scam website!

If you are really interested to earn bitcoin then first learn what is bitcoin, who is the creator of bitcoin, why bitcoin price is increasing day by day, then after proper education, you will find the truth road map to earn bitcoin.


Let me know your bitcoin university opinion!

Write a few words in comments below so that I can learn your experience.

I want to hear your voice😃


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