Bitcoin Revolution Promoting A Fake Software IT’s a scam Confirmed!

No banks, no fees, no problem just invest your money in bitcoin and earn daily profit thousand dollars a day.

You don’t have to do any work, you don’t have to go for a job, you don’t need any experience.

Just invest your money in this fake system and you will be the next millionaire tomorrow morning.

If you don’t believe then here are some fake testimonials, here are some fake real stories, that will help you to grab your attention!

So that end of the video you buy this fake system and they make money from you.

Bitcoin Revolution Promoting A Fake Software

That’s how the bitcoin revolution system really work and if you just saw this kind of promo video or you got an email from an unknown person? who already said that you can make money easily invest a few dollars in bitcoin? and you want to learn that is it really really legal or scam? Then you are in the right place.

Bitcoin Trader Another Scam Like Bitcoin Revolution
Bitcoin Trader Another Scam Like Bitcoin Revolution

Because the bitcoin revolution system is 100% is a scam and it will give you nothing.

Bitcoin Revolution SCAM Proof!

Here is the 5 bullet point that why this system is a scam bitcoin revolution and not perfect for you.

  • Using CNN news video
  • Fake website
  • False notification plugin
  • Fake success story
  • Using profit result

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They already add CNN news video in their website so that they can grab your attention showing real news.

But they don’t have the right policy to use news video on their website without any permission.

What they did is they use a video editing software and cut the bitcoin news video and add in their site without any permission.

Bitcoin Revolution Using news video 1 Bitcoin Revolution Using news video 2 Bitcoin Revolution Using news video 3


They have a more fake website like this with this name called bitcoin code, bitcoin trader


Their using a WordPress push notification plugin and showing you a fake thing like Lori C already join in this program and he already makes $191

Fake push notification
Fake push notification


Fake people photo with fake success story just go to google and search with this name you will never find this peoples story because they just add some fake photo and stories so that you can trust that they are really making money investing in this system.

Fake people photo list
SCAM Success Story

Fake people photo proof 1

Fake people photo proof 2


Using a fake live profit result in the live profit result they show lots of people names that they recently get paid and make profit $2,000 but the real thing is they are using another WordPress plugin to make this kind of fake thing.

 Bitcoin Revolution Review Quick Summary: 

Product name: Bitcoin revolution
Site: https://therevolutionbitcoin.Com/en/sign-up
Owner: Unknown
Category: Bitcoin trading
Bonus: No
Price: $400 Deposit
Best for: Those who want to be rich doing bitcoin trading & want to be cheated after depositing the money.
Refund: No
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: Never
Bitcoin revolution is a scam online trading platform they have a magic software if you used you can win any trading online and make money. People are jumping in there website to make money and almost thousands of people every month make money with a laptop using false bitcoin revolution software. And they earn thousands of money by trading online only work three to four hours per week. And their paid trading system is very popular to cheat people and they have a lot of successful members who cheat thousands of dollars a month from innocent people. And they are going to lie in different ways to make you loyal to this software.

Bitcoin Revolution Push You With Fake Imagination?

If you continue to use this software you will be a millionaire in a year. You do not have to do anything, you do not need any experience. Only press the auto trading button this software will do all your work alone.

This software will be completely free to use for you. But you have to deposit $400 dollars to start trading. If you start trading, you can earn $5000 dollars in 1 hour with confidence… Wow!!

Inside Bitcoin Revolution?

They will tell you lie again & again in different ways so that you register. When I register to verify their authenticity they redirected me to another website to deposit the money name gmotrading.Com. They have more similar websites to promote their fake trading systems.

Bitcoin Revolution redirected to another website to do scam
Do not deposit on a scam

Not just that when you register, they will send you email & call you & share some fake payment proofs that new peoples are are joining their website & make thousands of dollars in 24 hours. They do not have any software because they will send you to a demo trading platform after depositing the money.

Where you will find some fake button, signal, win profits, lose profits, auto trading system, etc.

You never earn money by trading because they manually handle their platform. So they have access to do anything with your trading balance.


Bitcoin Revolution Smartly playing with people showing bitcoin, money proof, and a big dream

So that newbies fall in their trap and deposit $400 to make more $$$ fast.

No way!! They just playing with money imaginations.

There is no quick magic way to make money doing trade.

Binary trading it’s need lot’s of practice, experience and study then people achieve success.

If you want to learn how to trade? Win? And make money?

Then there are lot’s of free training in youtube just learn and educated properly

Then take action in a real trading platform

And let me know your bitcoin revolution experience!

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