Bitcoin Compass is an online trading platform Using Shark Tank TV Show illegally To Promote With Fake advertising

Now it’s scam Confirmed!

If you already watch a news video that a news report talking with bill gates about the bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the future of currency? it already increases to high and that will help you to make money if you invest in a fake system called the bitcoin compass and now you are interested to know that is this the bitcoin compass is a scam or legal?

Bitcoin Compass Using CNN News Video Without Permission

Then you came to the right place because this system is a fraud.

They already have the exact same website called bitcoin traders pro.

And they are doing a scam! Just avoid this kind of system and don’t invest your money in it.

Because if you invest money in fake software? that will help you to make 1 million dollars in a few months and you can have a dream house?

You can have a dream car?

And you can go on vacation?

You don’t have to do 9 to 5 job then its all fake imagination.

Another Scam Site Same As Bitcoin Compass
Another Scam Site Same As Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass IS A SCAM!

Here is my 4 bullet point I reveal why this bitcoin compass system is a scam.

  • Using multiple websites
  • Using CNN news video to promote scam
  • Using fake push notification
  • Fake Money imagination

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They have multiple websites and you will never find who is the real owner of this system because I already reveal lots of fake systems that they always use fake photos from free stock sites and use fake demo name.

If you don’t believe me? then you can do your own recharge just search in google and try to find their social profiles you will never find it.


Using CNN news video in their system without any permission what they really do is cut a news part and re-edit with video editing software like sony vegas pro and then use in their website.

Because people like news videos and their main point is if people believe in them then they will sell their fake software easily.

Using CNN news video 1 Using CNN news video 2 Using CNN news video 3


Using fake push notification button with fake people photos when you will visit their site you will see that a new person just join and after a few seconds later another new person just join in their system and already make $1000.

This is totally fake they are using some WordPress plugin to make this kind of fake notification.

Using fake push notification


They already promise you that you can make $1000 a day but still you don’t know what you will get inside, or which kind of software they will provide you.

Because they don’t have enough time for it they will always try to crack your mind with fake imagination so that you join and invest money and became a fake millionaire in a few months.


Using Fake Success Story To Promote SCAM!

Using Fake Success Story

Using Fake Success Story Proof

 Bitcoin Compass Review Quick Summary: 

Product Name: Bitcoin Compass
Site: Https://


Owner: Unknown
Category: Bitcoin Trading
Bonus: No
Price: $250 Deposit
Best For: No One
Refund: No
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: No Way
Bitcoin compass is a scam online binary trading platform where you can trade & making money if you win. Basically, they said you will get the software to start trading and this software is proven to win any trade you want. If you want to make $1000 in 24 hours then this software is ready. You don’t need to do any hard hard work, you don’t need to analyze or anything because in binary trading it’s hard to analyze and get the real data to win a trade. But this software will automatically win & make you more profitable in a few hours. Step by step it will help you to make millionaire in one year. That’s how they keep talking to you trickery so that you can trust them. And they will say that you are now a member of their team. Then they will introduce you to some fake members of their team who have earned a lot of money through online trading. In the same way, they will tell you to lie after lie, then if you want to earn instant $1000 now? Then you have to deposit $250.

Inside Bitcoin Compass?

Not only that if you open accounts on their website. Then they will allow you to use this software for free & some free guideline so that they can gain your trust. But the real thing is they will cheat with you like a fish trap. When you log in to your account, you will be able to get $1500 fake balance to start trading online.

Then they will show you the magic auto trading system that almost helped thousands of people to earn $5,000 $10,000 even more with few clicks and to you active this auto trading button you have to deposit $250 into your account.

But you will never find how to withdraw money there is no option for it.

inside bitcoin compass fake trading platform deposit money in scam
Do Not Deposit Money In SCAM!

There is no software it just a fake trading platform. You never make money doing trading in bitcoin compass because they are manually handling the online trading platform & they can do anything with you. Scam Alert!!


I share all with you that I know and you just see the evidence and photos.

Now it’s your decision that how you avoid it.


If you’re really interested to learn something informative? And real?

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That’s it for now

Share your bitcoin compass experience with me


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