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Today I am going to share with you some research about Bestreviewapp.Com

That it will really help you to make money or not?

Can You Really Make Money With BestReviewApp.com Or SCAM

Make money online work from home it’s a great opportunity for smart people.

Because you don’t have to go to a physical location to start work.

It has been shown many times that you have to travel by bus to work this is really difficult.

So that’s why work from home review mobile apps work will really gonna help you to make extra income in a short time.

If you look a little closer then you will realize that almost every day you spend 2 to 3 hours online. And every day you spend a minimum of an hour on Facebook and talking to your friends.

So do you just used Facebook or watch videos on YouTube occasionally? I think the number of users is increasing on YouTube right now every day, an average person spends 1 to 2 hours on YouTube.

So if you want, you can use this time every day on a different website to make money & grow the skills that help you to make good money in the future.

Because you don’t need to know everything on Facebook and YouTube you can use them only when you have some needs or want to learn a specific topic.

What Is Bestreviewapp?

Best review app it’s a website they are providing a service to the developer so that they can get the best reviews for their android and apple apps that they made for users.

When a developer makes an app they need some real people data to learn that people are really using their apps? Or not? How do they feel about it? And this data helps them to improve their apps for the future.

That’s why sometimes you will see in your phone that some apps are getting updated like 2.3 or 5.2 version.

Also, the best review app giving an opportunity to users who want to make money reviewing apps.

You already have 5 – 6 apps on your smartphone that help you to get the best benefit from it. So if you need more apps what you do? You go to play store search with the names of apps and install them. But if you scroll down a little bit then you will see there is a review option where you can give five stars rating and write a few words. Also, you can read other people’s reviews that they like these apps or not.

But To Make Money Doing The Same Work What You Have To Do?

Bestreviewapp will give you some apps to review then you have to do the same just download the apps install in your smartphone and use it properly now you have some experience and you know that how this app is, all about. Now go to write a review option and give your honest review you can write something like the feature you want to recommend, is there graphics are good or not? Is this app is user-friendly? Compare similar apps with some suggestions that help the developer improves the app. Write a few words and submit all done for this work you will make money.

For every single honest review, you submit you will earn $0.50 cents for free apps and $1 – 1.50 dollars for a paid apps review when your review is verified you are ready to get paid.

  • Bestreviewapp pays the user every Friday by PayPal, Alipay.

If you try an app but you fail to review and if this happened more than 5 times then your account will be frozen. If you are not ready to review the app that you just claimed and if you didn’t submit a review in time? Make sure you cancel it. If you make the same mistake you will not get any bonus & payout.

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Bestreviewapp Review Quick Summary:

Name: Bestreviewapp
Site: Https://www.bestreviewapp.com
Owner: Not Found
Category: Apps
Founded: Dec 12, 2012
Bonus: Available
Price: Free & Paid
Best For: Who Wants To Spend Part-time Doing Review Work To Making Some Extra Cash
Rating : 3 / 5
Recommended: No


Make money doing apps review work at bestreviewapp.Com now easy because they are giving you 4 options that help you start work anytime you feel comfortable. Start work in apple, mac, android, iPad. Remember after claiming an app you will get 24 hours in-app store to submit a review after completion they will verify your review and to detect your review from the iTunes store it will take 48 hours. After 48 hours later bestreviewapp will reassign the same apps to another new user.

To make more money you can use multiple accounts but they have some rules. You must have to use another new device to register another account. Do not login multiple accounts from the same device if you break the rules they will suspend your account. So if you have a laptop and a smartphone then you can individually use 2 accounts and make more extra money easily.

Sometimes you can make a mistake that will make you perfect but not to worry directly connect them write to this email :

And they are happy to support you.

How To Write The Best Review That Will Help You To Earn And Get Paid Quickly?

Let me show you a quick example so that you understand deeply how this review work you have to do.

Suppose you choose an app from the best review app & install in your smartphone app name is Instagram now login into the Instagram and use it step by step check how to upload a photo, the Instagram setting is good or not? How to hide Instagram personal information etc. Now go to write a review option and write something good like this way:

“When I open the app it only takes few seconds, then instantly I saw lots of beautiful photos and videos that attract me a lot, then I find an option where I can search for my friends’ profile & connect with them. I find another option where I can upload my photos and share the story it makes me happier because I can share my daily life good moments with my friends and family all of this thing is very good and I like it.”

And if you found some problem then you can share like this way

“This is pretty cool but when I try to upgrade my apps to a new version I found an error and upgrade not complete, why this problem? Let me know.”

How To Write A Review On Bestreviewapp To Make Money A Demo
A Demo “How To Write A Review”


Just write what you like & you don’t like do not try to give a bad review and down rating, as a result, they will ban your account. Always be friendly to give your honest opinion and share some important point so that helps developers to upgrade their apps.

To make more money you can try their paid apps not to worry after complete review you will get paid more than you invest.
As an example paid apps price is $4.00 so after complete review, you will get $6.00 cashback.

But the first time I will recommend you to try free apps and make some money if you get paid then you have confidence that will help you to try paid apps to make more money.

I found a real user payments proof get paid $10 from bestreviewapp

Real User Payments Proof Get Paid $10 From Bestreviewapp
Bestreviewapp $10 Payments Proof

What Is Inside Bestreviewapp?

Inside you will see a 5-6 option that will help you to better understand how to work & learn everything.

Inside Bestreviewapp
Inside Bestreviewapp
  • App categories – Action, entertainment, racing, tools, others, = all android apps & apple apps details, price, earnings
  • Started – You will see apps details like the wall – mini survival game = then click take me to google play store or take me to iTunes store = install, learn, review = earn money
  • Claimed – You will see some apps that other users are already working on it so you can not choose the same app just try again the next day
  • Account – You can see your currently earning balance + you can add Paypal to withdraw the balance
  • My profile – They have a referral system where you can earn 5% just used invite code to invite your friend. If your friend interested to make money as an apps reviewer and sign up an account using your invitation code then you will instantly make $0.50 and if you are a UK reviewer then you will make $1.00
  • Profile info – You can see your score is improving or not. + your profile email, name, other details.

What Is Inside The Apps?

I visited their website from my smartphone and download their android mobile apps it’s 63 MB size and when I try to install I saw that they have no security in their app and my mobile defender security option saying that this app is risky to use. But I install and try to sign in 2-3 times with my email address, but I can’t log in. I don’t know why this problem I think there is an error.

I will recommend you to download and try their apps in your smartphone so that you can learn what is happening.

Do I Like This Bestreviewapp.com Website?

Honestly, I am not a fan of this website and I don’t like this kind of apps reviewing work because I don’t have enough time for it. But lots of people have interested in it that’s why I write this review so that they can understand and learn the truth. This website outfit is looking professional and good when you will visit their website then you will see some options like the developer, a reviewer that will clear you all instantly how they can help you.

If you scroll down on the website you will see 3 options with good looking photography & short text headline that will clear you instantly how to work.

In the top charts option, you will see their service, case studies, and 2 client testimonials.

If you search on YouTube with this keywords: “Bestreviewapp.Com reviews” then you will not find any new videos and all of the review videos are already 4 – 5 years old this means new people now not interested in their website and if some people find value then they will definitely share review video again.

If you want to learn more?

Bestreviewapp Alternative Site To Make Money?

I didn’t find any real people new testimonials photo proof in bestreviewapp official website they have only 2 testimonials with dime photo but if you need an alternative to make more money then here is another website that helps you to make money download mobile apps Featurepoints.Com

Just download some mobile apps using feature points and use them for a few seconds then you will earn some points like 200 points, that you can exchange into money.

If you know how to complete a survey then you can make more money with feature points because they have 5 to 10 minutes short survey work that helps you to earn more points fast.

3000 points = $5 get paid via Paypal, bitcoin

You can read my details post from here Feature points review

Who Is Perfect For Bestreviewapp?

  • If you are a worker who is working on micro workers or in feature points but for more money you need a similar work? Then you can start review work in bestreviewapp.
  • If you know-how to publish a comment in Google play store apps? Then you are already perfect for this site.
  • If you are a developer and you need good 5-star reviews for your apps? Then you are in the right place.

Who Is Not Perfect For Bestreviewapp?

Bestreviewapp Is A Scam?

Definitely it’s not a scam because they are providing service to the developer and paying reviewers. And they have their own blogs where they share a variety of tips-and-tricks that make it easy for newcomers to learn about this work.

If you are a developer, you can easily verify their review work whether they are actually providing good service or cheating.

But every day you cannot make enough money to pay for pizza bills because it’s a waste of time and playing very low.

Bestreviewapp Update [29 December 2019]

I don’t know why this is happening from the last 3- 4 days I try to visit their website so that I can collect more information and write in my blog post. But when I try to visit this website they said this website is too long to respond then I try again with using VPN then they show the same message this website is currently not available. If you try to visit the domain name called bestreviewapp.Com it will not show you anything.

So I think now you should avoid this website because you cannot make money from it.

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So I already share all the information you need to know about bestreviewapp.Com

Now if you’re interested then you can join to make extra cash per week.

But if you are already advance online? And you already work in this kind of website and you have experience

Then I will offer you to the next level where you can make $1,000 with confidence.

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