Assetprime.Biz Payment Proof Withdraw IS Assetprime A SCAM OR LEGIT ( Honest Review)

Based on my research this assetprime.Biz website is a scam.

Basically, it’s an investing website where beginners people are investing their money without reviewing this website deeply.

Beginners, people don’t have enough knowledge to review a website deeply that’s why they are now a victim of cheating because after seeing this kind of big earning opportunity? They start thinking inside in their mind? That they will be rich quickly which is not real because this kind of website is like a fishing net and scam people make this kind of website to cut innocent people pocket so you should stay safe from this kind of fake website.

Number 1: they are showing fake total deposits.

If you visit their website then you will see their website is looking good but they are smartly making people fool showing fake deposit money because beginners don’t have enough knowledge to review a website that’s why they can easily make them fool showing big money if you focus then you will see their website is online for only 9 days and if you see their total deposit money then you will be shocked the total deposit amount is $4435357.4 now how is it possible? Why people will start investing in this website? Without review deeply? Why people will start investing big money? Without knowing who is the real founder of this website this means the big deposit money you can see? It’s totally fake because they just ad a virtual number in this option to make people fool and cut their pocket because this website is running online for 9 days and there is no way that people will invest money in it so you should be aware of this kind of fake website.

Number 2: fake payment proof

Showing fake payment proof is another smart idea for bad people because showing fake payment proof they cut innocent people pocket because when you will see their payout history then you will see lots of people username and amount but there is no way you can verify and all of this users are hidden so you don’t have opportunity to connect with them and talk to them to learn the real truth and you will not find any social profile of them so this means all of this payment proof can be fake to achieve your trust.

Number 3: showing you the big earning opportunity

If you focus and check out all of their investment offers then you will be shocked because they are giving you a very big earning opportunity they are giving 0.5%, 0.7%, even more profit if you invest now how is it possible? Why they will give you this kind of big earning opportunity without showing that what they will do with your money or how they are making money? Because it’s easy to make people fool showing quick earning opportunity because if they have a system? That help you to earn big money? Then why not there are making money for them? Why they are promoting their investment plans to you? Because if you invest they will cut your pocket.

Number 4: do not promote their affiliate program

They are giving a 5% referral commission this means if you invite more people to this website and if they invest in this site? Then you will earn a 5% referral commission which is another scam because using you they will try to cut more people’s pockets.

So based on my research assetprime.Biz website is a scam.

Sipon Dawyen

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