If you’re looking for an amazon gift card totally for free?

If you need a list?

Then I am here to help you with

27 Apps that give you free amazon gift cards $5, $10, $50.

Totally investing your free time doing some fun.

27 Trustful Apps Give You Free Amazon Gift Card [$5, $10, $50]

Look I know some YouTubers are making people fool with showing amazon gift card imagination & giveaway

What they do is they add in the title like earn $100, $500, 1000 amazon gift card totally for free but it’s not possible.

They do it for some YouTube views and the end of the video sends you to a paid website to buy it.

I promise!

You don’t have to pay a penny to earn your fast amazon gift card in your hand or used the code online.

Just remember if you find a website in Google or in social media that helps to generate amazon gift card codes?

Then it’s totally fake and scam.

This kind of website only shows you some fake loading history

Then asks your amazon account email and lie to you that you will receive a $100 amazon gift card in 5 minutes.

But what they do is they will say verify your identity, a card is almost ready.

So to verify you have to provide your valid information and they need it to send you spam email to hack your PayPal & amazon account in the future.

Always be aware of scammers!

What you have exactly to do to earn a gift card?

The good part is you can also earn Walmart gift cards totally for free with only playing games, completing surveys, downloading apps into your mobile phone.

It’s hard to do?

No, it’s easy to do and take only 5 to 10 minutes to complete a work.

But let me show you a video that is hard to do.

I recently saw a video of great “Geoff esper” he is like an eating machine he goes to a restaurant to eat 28 “9lb pizza benny Fierro’s pizza in under 6 minutes and 50 seconds and win $500 in prize also the pizza he eats like a dinosaur totally for free.

“Geoff esper” is awesome I like how he completed a challenge and eat all the food in time with confident.

You don’t have to do eat like him to earn a free amazon gift card you just have to spend your spare time to get it.

More Recommendation For You!

Earn Amazon gift cards by playing games

1. App Karma Rewards & Gift Cards

App karma already has 4.5 ratings in google play store.

You have the opportunity to earn the highest paying rewards in a short time.

Because they have an option to earn a double bonus

To achieve it you have to follow their instruction and play with their offers and apps.

In-app karma offers section, they will give you some apps to download and play for a few minutes to earn points so let’s say you download the app called “Family farm” you will earn 30 points.

Like this way after installing 2-3 apps at a time, you will see in the offer option they just add double earning opportunities it means “2x earning” doing the same work.

This is the moment now if you download the age of kings, lord heroes games instantly 2x point will be added into your account.

App karma minimum payout is $5 and you can get it by amazon gift card, PayPal, Xbox live or iTunes.

So you have to earn at least 6000 to 7000 points to get your first Amazon gift card for free.

No worries if you need faster earning then you can follow their referral system just invite your friend and if they play to enjoy and follow & earn points you will earn 30% commission from their earning.

You will instantly earn 500 points only install the app and complete your profile it’s like a welcome bonus.

Also, watch videos, completed the task, karma plays, karma quizzes to make you happy after getting paid you will get 5% points back.

  • Contact: support@appkarma.io
  • Size 15 MB

2. Instagc.Com

Only for creating your account, you will earn 10 free points in instagc.Com.

They have almost 300 + gift card options to choose what you like and redeem your points into Amazon gift card that is perfect for you.

Inside the dashboard, you will see options like apps, calls, clicks, surveys, tasks, trials, videos to earn points

They have some partner program name agate rewards, wannads, persona.Ly where you can make money only watching videos.

You can redeem your points once you earn 100 points = $1 they don’t have any limitations that how much you can earn just completing work one by one and start earning happy earning.

If you refer your family members or friends who are from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia then you will instantly earn 10 points for each valid signup and if they work and make money as like you?

Then you will earn a 10% commission from their earnings for a lifetime.

3. Cash For Apps

To get a $10 amazon gift card you only have to earn 3000 points into your cash for apps account.

You can do this totally for free just you have to download different apps.

So how many points you will earn for downloading each app?

Inside apps dashboard, you will see lots of offers to complete and earn points let say you download an app called “Spotify” for this you will earn 285 points.

300 points = $10

This means only downloading 10 to 15 apps to your mobile phone you will get your fast amazon gift card in your hand.

You can do this work when you think you need some real cash.

To give you a boost

Cash app have a referral option after inviting your friend if they sign up and downloads their first app you will receive 90 points instantly and whoever joins with your referral they will earn 20 points doing nothing.

  • Size: Varies with device
  • Contact: team@getcashforapps.com

4. Money App – Cash For Free Apps

Right now money app only has a PayPal payout option now you can get paid $5, $10, $20 and 50 dollars instantly.

But in their google play store description, they said more options coming soon which means they will add definitely amazon gift card, Walmart, target, google play and many more.

I am sharing because it’s a great app to earn points and get paid because money app inside the dashboard you will get 4 amazing options.

  • Fantastic offer wall
  • Awesome offer wall
  • Super offer wall
  • Watch videos

Also only completing this 2 easy task you will earn points profile task, facebook task.

Money app has different apps that will give you credits in a different way some of them will give you a high credit some of them will say try the app for a few minutes to earn credits let me give you some real example.

  • “Olymp trade – online trading app” only download this app you will earn 9000 credits
  • “Pop slots” earn 650 credits
  • “Rise of kingdom game” 73 credits
  • “Solitaire” 364 credits

You can earn 200 to 500 credits invite your friends with your referral code when they will join and complete the fast office they will earn 400 credits.

  • App Size: 9.5 MB
  • Contact: support@moneyapp.Org


5. Gift Wallet – Free Reward Card

Gift wallet is currently giving $3, $5, $10 amazon gift card.

They have a “Lucky spin” option to earn extra 5k coins with just 1 spin.

Just opening the app every day you will earn daily bonus coins.

1200 coins = $3 to get a free amazon gift card.

  • Contact: team@wallet.gift
  • App Size 14 MB

6. Lucktastic: Win Prizes, Gift Cards & Real Rewards

Lucktastic has 1 million + lucky winners who win real money, cash, gift card only scratch daily fun card games.

Lucktastic it’s a simple app that will give you rewards completing simple tasks like joining in a contest, playing games, scratching different cards and if you are lucky if your scratch match with the card you can win $5 to $5000 in a gift card or real money.

In their google play store description, they share recent winners’ names and details.

One of the lucktastic app users names: “Dorothy O” who wins a “Nintendo Switch video game system” totally for free.

You don’t have to invest anything or you don’t have to buy the apps just you have to always active in their apps to try different offers and if your lucky you will win.

To get an instant Amazon gift card you have to earn at least $5 also you can convert your points into Walmart, best buy, visa gift cards.

Lucktastic has seen on discovery channel, Reuters, yahoo so it’s a trustable app to get it started.

7. Mypoints.Com

Mypoints is a famous old website and only for sign up a free account, you will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

Also for your everyday needs if you purchase anything using my points website then we will get 40% cashback into your account whatever you buy from Best Buy, Target, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and 100+ other websites are partner with them.

You can earn points reading emails, discovery content, sharing your opinion, print upcoming coupons, play games, search the web, find new trending deals and the best part is watching a whole playlist of the video in different categories.

Mypoints features in Forbes magazine and in the united states almost millions of people using their website and earning money by completing some simple task even playing fun games like

  • Angry birds
  • Spades
  • Dynomite

8. Swagbucks.Com

If you need a $5 – $10 amazon gift card every single day then you can sign up your free account in Swagbucks.

Because inside you will get lots of different categories to earn points and get redeem the gift cards.

The good part is already seen on BuzzFeed, save the student, and you can earn money watching entertainment videos, search the web, answer short surveys.

Swagbucks give out almost 7,000 free gift cards every day to their uses.

They already have 4.3 trust scores in the Trustpilot website so there is no worry for any kind of point missing or account suspended just follow their rules and try every day offers to make fast points into your account.

You can easily start with “Answer gold surveys” to make Swagbucks point fast only answering 5 to 10 questions you will earn $5 + bonus points.

If you need an extra 10% income without any work then you can invite your friends with your referral to join and make money with Swagbucks the more referral you make the more commission you will generate in your Swagbucks account.

9. Featurepoints.Com

Inside feature points dashboard interface is really easy to use you can play games, enter a contest to win big amounts of points, unlock high paying survey to earn 5000 points in a few minutes.

Get rewards by bitcoin, amazon gift card, PayPal cash as you want.

They have beginners friendly survey so that anyone can learn how to complete and make points

Some of them are

  • Your pets
  • Your car
  • About you
  • Your family
  • Game consoles

All of this easy survey will give you 500 points each, so 2500 you will earn in 10 minutes.

Inviting the friend help of your referral link you can earn 50% commission from their earnings if they join and make money.

Minimum you have to earn 3,000 points = $5 to get paid.

Free amazon gift card instantly

10. Showbox

There are different apps on the google play store that you like to use

Sometimes you like to play games to enjoy your time and have some fun.

Like this way Showbox is an app where you can play their free games install and some of the apps will give you instant points if you just install and use it for 40 seconds.

The good part is after earning points you can turn into Amazon gift card or get paid by PayPal.

To give you a trust score Showbox said something good in their google play store description

That Showbox active members almost earn $25 to $30 per week and they have more than 3 million + members.

I personally check out their apps info that 5 million-plus people install Showbox app to their smartphone.

So if you need a $10 or $20 amazon free gift card then install this app into your phone and try free games.

Here some games you will see inside the app

  • Candy crush saga
  • Heroes of chaos
  • Texas poker
  • Fruit machine
  • Virus attacks
  • Bird attacks.

Like this way, day by day new apps will be added Showbox apps so that people make money or a gift card without investing anything.

  • Support: contact@goshowbox.Co
  • Size: 17 MB

11. Dailyrewards.Com

Different brands are ready to pay for your opinion

Completing a small task so that they can get real data based on their requirement.

That’s why different brands came to the daily rewards website and submit their work requirement

So that users who are interested to earn money with an easy survey they just full fill and get the payout for work completed.

You can make a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $100 completing a survey.

In daily rewards offers page you will see some simple survey and payout amount as like…

Create a free account in opinionoutpost.Com and answer 2 questions to earn $2.00

Free join to lifepoints.Com to earn $2.00

They have an option called easy cash to get the latest offers that pay you a good amount in a short time

Earn 10% referral commission each friend join with your link and start completing a survey in daily rewards.

Minimum payout $30 then get it by amazon gift card totally for free.

12. App flame

If you want to trade coin for an amazon gift card then you can use the app flame to play games and earn coins.

No deposit or no app purchasing all totally for free.

The more time you invest to play free games more coins you will earn.

After installing the app in their offer wall you will see all of your favorite games of lists

Then you have to follow how many coins you will earn for installing an app then which app will give you the highest point download it and play for a few minutes to earn coins.

Their habits lucky spin option where you can earn extra-big coins like 4000 + if 3 photo match together.

It’s a reward app that will help you to play and earn coins and spend your money whatever you want to do.

Some of the good games I saw inside you can play this to earn 300 to 1000 coins in a short time.

  • Angry bird
  • Coin master
  • Dragon city
  • Homescapes
  • Fishdom

120 coins = $1 and if you make 480 coins you can get a free $10 amazon gift card or get PayPal cashout as you want.

  • Support: contact@appflame.Online
  • Size: 31MB

13. Appnana

Only downloading 4 apps using app nana app you can earn 4000 points in just 5 minutes just download…

  • Clash of kings
  • Clash of Lords 2
  • Lords mobile
  • Castle clash

This is just started in their app list you will get more apps to download and play for a few minutes to earn points.

Members earn over 10 million in games and gift cards.

Only opening the app every day you will get 400 points as a bonus.

It will take only 48 hours to send gift code into your amazon gift card, PlayStation, GTA, FIFA, Xbox.

Also, watch videos, invite your friend using your referral code to earn more extra points.

  • Contact: support@appnana.Com
  • Size: Varies with device

14. Checkpoints

Every day you go to different places in a restaurant, shopping mall or waiting for the home delivery pizza and coca-cola

Now what you should do is scan barcodes using the checkpoints app of any product you buy for your daily needs.

Then get rewards for this.

When you are home then you can complete the survey, play games and complete some tasks to earn more extra points.

You can get up to 25 dollar gift card referring your friends to use the checkpoints app.

Checkpoints have already seen on USA Today, CNN, NY Times

Redeem your points in amazon gift card, Walmart, American Airlines miles.

  • Contact: Support@checkpoints.com
  • Size: 41 MB

15. Pointsprizes

In pointsprizes official website I saw lots of real people testimonials they share their PayPal payment proof that pointsprizes send them $20 to their account for the work

Some of them get paid by an amazon gift card.

Pointsprizes have different offer wall where you will get lots of offers to complete and make points some famous offer wall partner I found are…

  • Adworkmedia
  • Adgate media
  • Kickass offers
  • Toro offers

The help of this partner offer wall you can download games, sign up a trial account, play games, complete survey, share your opinion and many other simple tasks available to get a start work in a few minutes.

You have to earn 3000 points to get a $20 amazon gift card totally for free.

They have over 1 million-plus active members and most of them are getting rewards with PayPal, PlayStation, bitcoin, google play, iTunes, Xbox and many more.

  • Contact: support@pointsprizes.Com

16. Viggle

Inside the viggle app, you can earn points by watching live TV, movie trailers, live stream show.

Viggle have TV provider like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu then after complete watching you earn points into your account.

You can exchange these points in an amazon gift card and they have more than 200 plus gift card options available you can choose whatever you like.

Also so you can search your favorite movie to watch and earn points help of viggle app.

  • Contact: support@perk.com
  • Size:19MB

17. Cashapp

Earn 6500 credits to get a $5 PayPal cashout all you can do is play games, watch videos and completing some simple tasks.

Cashapp doesn’t have any kind of gift card option to get redeem your points.

I share because you can make money for free

Just downloading funny game apps like “township” and after getting paid you can buy an amazon gift card from anywhere.

  • Contact: support@cashapp.io
  • Size: 6.4MB

18. Inboxdollars.Com

Create your free account and earn $5 as a bonus

Complete a survey like what is your favorite drink coca-cola or Pepsi? earn another $2 instantly.

15,000 members are getting paid every single week in gift cards like Amazon, Walmart, target or PayPal cash out.

Science 2000 they are mostly paid over 59 million in cash and rewards to their members

Inboxdollars already features in Forbes, yahoo finance news and many more.

In Trustpilot inboxdollars have 4.1 trust scores and over 7,000 people share their positive reviews.

Inboxdollars.Com now 20 years old market place and millions of active users are making money doing simple work

You are the next person who can easily earn a $50 amazon gift card totally free of cost.

19. Slidejoy-lock Screen Cash

Slidejoy is a very smart app that will help you and give you an amazon gift card google play store gift card or a Walmart card that you need.

Because when you will install the app on your mobile phone and when you will lock and unlock your phone screen you will automatically generate points.

Also, it will show you the upcoming coupons, news notification, differences ads to view and earn more points.

Slidejoy shares in their google play description that to make you comfortable it will not take up an extra battery

Already features in Today Show, Business Insider, Wall Street Journal.

  • Contact: app@getslidejoy.com
  • Size: 16MB

20. Cashpirate

Make at least 2500 coins into your cash pirate account and get paid by PayPal or receive a gift card in your email.

The good part is cash pirate has the advantage to pay people because they recently added a mobile recharge payout option that available for 120 countries.

You can earn coins doing simple activities like download free apps, playing games, invite your friends to earn 10% as a referral bonus, complete survey, watching videos and many more.

This app is famous for getting mobile recharge in a day that’s why lots of people try to use a fake account.

To avoid spam cash pirate adds some rules if anyone tries to do any kind of illegal like using VPN, creating multiple accounts from the same phone they will suspend their account without any warning.

So if you want you can use this app on your phone to get the benefit.

  • Contact: support@cashapp.io
  • Size: 6.4MB

21. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a survey website and cares about your personal opinion that will help to complete a survey

They have lots of simple tasks that you can complete under 5 to 10 minutes

Most of the tasks will pay you $1 – $5 and if you spend more time then you can complete their big survey which will give you $50 to $100 for complete.

Once you make $50 into your account then you can get paid by amazon gift card, PayPal.

Only for sign up to the vindale research, will give you 1$ as a bonus and give you the opportunity to earn $5 for every referral you make.

22. Survey Club

The survey club gives you a $25 amazon gift card to create a free account and start making money to their site.

They have more than 16 million members who are earning money and getting paid.

23. Gift Hunter Club

Gift hunter club will help you to make money online doing some simple activities like

  • Watching ads
  • Trying apps
  • Filling out short surveys

And lots of other simple offers available to complete and as a reward, you can get paid in a different gift card.

  • Contact: info@innovativehall.com
  • Size: 18MB

24. Giftloop

Giftloop helps you to earn only for charging your phone, lock screen, checking news updates get paid amazon gift card, PayPal.

Giftloop app also will help you to complete a high paying survey, watch videos and win a daily prize.

  • Contact: support@giftloop.co
  • Size: 23MB

25. Receipt Hog

Every day we do lots of shopping for our needs so for this you can also earn a free amazon gift card

Just you have to take a picture of your receipt from any store, restaurants, or cafe then upload in receipt hog apps.

Receipt hog paid over $2.5 million to their users so it’s a trustful app for sure.

  • Contact: support@receipthog.zendesk.com
  • Size: 28MB

26. App Trailers

Watch different video trailers, ads, DIY videos and earn points

Then redeem in amazon gift codes and many more.

  • Contact: support@perk.com
  • Size: 13MB

27. Points2shop

Using this app you can earn virtual points just you have to play games, watch videos and completing simple surveys

Points2shop it’s a great online rewards program that will help you to earn free money spending your free time.

You have a great opportunity to get paid by game cards & gift cards.

  • Contact: apps@points2shop.com
  • Size: 16MB

My Recommendation

Now you know all the apps that give you free amazon gift cards.

Also, I want to guide you so that you can grow your knowledge & start building your own business

That will help you to start a passive income

Because when you have the money power you can buy anything you want

You can buy a Target gift card, Walmart card, Best buy and many more

And all of this solution only you can find in Affiliate Marketing.


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