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Apperwall Review - Make Money Reviewing App Or Scam

Apperwall said that it’s easy to work from home job that you can do with your smartphone and you can make up to $30 per month and the good thing is the most active users are almost earning more than $100 a month only just reviewing simple mobile apps every day. But you have to understand how to work properly to get the payout.

And I am going to show you all step by step. But before getting started let me clean your mind so that you cannot dream big working in Apperwall.


Let me show you a quick proof

Recently I review a website called bitcoin formula. They said if you want to be rich in the next 30 days? And if you want to earn bitcoin? Then they will help you and they claim that you can make $1000 daily help of their fake software. What they do is to promote their website used famous bitcoin TV news video and use in their website so that people trust them and invest money to make more but this is totally wrong. Because when I deeply research their website inside they don’t have any kind of real software or trading platform.

They were just promoting their website so that people could invest $250 to their website in return they make $1000 with auto trading.

And I reveal the real truth and share all the evidence.

However apperwall.Com a legitimate site you can make money.

What Is Apperwall?

Apperwall is a website that you can use to download, rate and review different mobile apps and getting paid. You probably have a smartphone and you know how to write a good review in google play store or apple play store but you didn’t get paid from google play store. You enjoy download, install on your phone and use it.

So if you do exactly the same thing in apperwall? They will pay you for reviews that you will write & published on the google play store or apple store. To properly complete this work you only need 5 to 6 minutes. No matter if you are super busy! You don’t have to worry, this site will help you to make some extra cash doing a few minutes works a day.

How Much You Have To Earn Cash Out?

So there a low payment options you only need $9 in order to cash out. To get the payment you need a PayPal account so make sure you have a PayPal account and this is the main method that they pay people, future there gonna be released gift card but right now PayPal only available.

But I think you will not be able to earn good money by working on this site because if you search on YouTube you will not get any new review videos, testimonials.

Because the new members are actually earning then they will definitely share their reviews and that will help more newcomers to earn by joining this site.

Apperwall Review Quick Summary:

Name: Apperwall
Site: Https://apperwall.com/
Owner: Not Found
Category: Mobile App
Bonus: Yes
Price: Free To Join
Best For: Who Want To Make Money Reviewing Mobile App
Rating : 1 / 5
Recommended: No


Apperwall.Com website founded in 2016. In 2016 – 17 apperwall pay their user really well and if you visit their official website you will see in the home page that beginner have opportunity to earn $30 in month just writing 1 review per day this is a good information to learn and educate and this will help any beginner to start work in apperwall.

Because they already think in their mind that “Only 1 review submitted a day I will make $30 that’s amazing” but the real thing is you will not able to make this amount of money in this time because they already have lots of users inside & they are not providing apps to review new users.

When you open an account you will only be allowed to review 1 app and you will receive only 2 or 3 apps a week for review and 1 app review payout only $0.60 cents.

So How Much Money You Will Earn Weeks And Months?

Apperwall payments proof
$64 Payments Proof

I found a real user payment proof in a forum post he almost earns $64 only referral to others and he says if you are tired of wasting time on the app that pays a penny or couple of cents? Then stop wasting your time and use this site.

He said you can earn $12 per hour and he already made 3.50 dollars in 15 minutes.

Apperwall 3 level referral system

Apperwall has a 3 level referral system and it’s a good system to earn referral friends.

How Does This Referral System Work?

You are interested to make money so you invite your friend with your referral if your friend joins in the app & start earning? Then you will earn 50% without any work. And if your friend’s referral to others then you will earn again 30% and if the other friends invite another friend then you will earn again 20%

But apperwall has rules you will get the reward only when your referral friends will earn and withdraw the money.

Lots of smart people used apperwall with VPN and write reviews & share referrals to earn money fast with a fake identity that why apperwall banned VPN users from google play store & apple play store & they will not pay you if you do the same.

This referral system is excellent and it allows you to earn money by referring your friends through the referral system, without any work. But the truth is that they are properly not giving new users the app reviews work so you can not earn as much as you want like before.


The work of these apps reviews didn’t seem important to me. Because if you do the same review apps work on another site, you can earn a little money at the end of the month.

But I know there are many people who want to work on these apps reviews. So I will share some alternative site that will pay you well doing the same work I will share it in a few points letter.

Apperwall mobile apps available on google & apple store?

I try to find their mobile apps in google play store and apple play store but now they didn’t have any apps available.

In the official site they also say that you will get paid for writing short reviews on iPhone and android which this means in 2016 they have available their mobile apps so that users to download the apps and easily start to review works on smartphone to make money but now if you go to google play store and search with this keyword “Apperwall” then you will not find any apps.

I don’t know why their apps not available in the play store I think they are updating their apps or they face any kind of problems & resolving it.

What Is Inside Apperwall?

I create an apperwall account from desktop to show you what is inside.

apperwall Inside the dashboard
Apperwall Inside

Inside the dashboard, they have 7 options.

  • Offers  – In this option, you will see some app, summary, payout rate that how much money they will pay if you install the app from google play store or apple store & write a review. As you know I already said that you will get only 2-3 offers to make money but after creating account I didn’t find any offers. They have a new option where you can 5% boost your income if you add their telegram bot, it will notify you about every day new offers so that you can start work after seeing the available task.
  • Completed offers – In this option, you will see all of your histories that which apps you install and submit the review, how much they will pay you for the work and if any work is pending you will see all of this thing in this complete offers. After completing the review work a few hours later apperwall will mark the work is complete and give you the payout.
  • News – The news option is basically like a notification center where apperwall will share all the future updates and features that help the user to learn, benefit, update. But I think they only share 1 update in 2016 and till then now no new updates. The update is apperwall gives away $100

They give opportunity where user can win $100 if they follow 3 simple steps

apperwall gives away $100 not working
Gives away $100 Is Too OLD
  1. They have to like their Facebook page
  2. Share the post with a contest on your wall
  3. Like and comment on this post

Winner will be picked out randomly & result will be announced on 15th of August 2016

I think they don’t have enough time to give more updates to users and the same notification is in news option for many years.

  • Money withdrawal option – In this option, you can see the amount of work income per week. When apperwall will verify all your app reviews work is good and then they will confirm that your earning amount is successfully added to the withdrawal option. Also, you can check your last 20 payouts, status, sending date, amount.
  • Referrals options – For more extra earning
  • Setting – In this option you can set the telegram bot & if you are not satisfied then you can delete your apperwall account instantly

Also, they have a chat option where you can ask them any questions about apperwall.

So now you know what options they have inside their website, but the most important thing is that they did not update their website so far.

If you still think you can earn some money by working on this web site then, in my opinion, you are wasting your valuable time I will tell you to refrain from this site.

Do I Like This Apperwall.com Website?

I don’t like this website at all let me explain. When you will visit their website in the first look you will see a headline like “Earn money anywhere and anytime then” they have another small text “Begin” and you will see 3 option google plus, facebook, Vk if someone wants to work on their website, they can log in with one of these 3 options. You already know google plus already shut down on April 2, 2019. But still apperwall didn’t update their website and not make any change one the google plus icon.

If real people are making money then why they didn’t share their earning proof, total members history, reviews, real people’s opinions on their official website.

Beginners don’t have any opportunity to learn something from them because on apperwall one-page website they don’t have any kind of blog, resource, case studies.

Apperwall Alternative Sites To Make Money?

If you search on google then you will find lots of alternative apps like apperwall to make money but they will pay you a penny if you work hard. I am going to show you the best alternative that will help you to make $10 per test you complete.


Trymyui is a usability testing service they provide service to website owners so that they can learn about the user experience that how they react, think, what they like, don’t like about the site.

If you create an account trymyui will provide you some website to tests what you have to do is visit the website records a screen video with clean voice and step-by-step review & give as much as information you can.

Get paid by PayPal every Friday.

For more details, you can read this FAQ for testers

To see an example of how to work?

Click here mobile-usability-test

Apperwall Website Is A Scam?

Apperwall site has no new updates which mean they are not serious about the user. In 2016 they pay well and I already show you the proof of the payment.

Apperwall not a scam but there is a chance they can do something wrong because you will not find any new users review & payments proof on YouTube, Google and if you visit apperwall official Facebook page then you will see the last post was on February 10, 2017, then no new post yet. So avoid it and do not try to find money in your old money bag.

  • They have attractive FAQ options where you will find only dream money
  • Apperwall is not a professional website
  • Their mobile apps are not available in the play store
  • New review offers not to add in their site
  • You will get 1 – 2 review work a week then 404 not found


Apperwall is not going to help you to earn money + There are no new updates on their website.

So don’t waste your time!

Share your apperwall experience.

Write a few words in the comments below.

Thanks for visit my blog.

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