Make money doing URL shortener is the best home based data entry job.

You can easily make 5 to 10 dollar a day doing this work all you have to do is short any URL using the site called al.Ly and then share the link on Facebook, YouTube, blog and when someone clicks the link you will earn money.

If you are interested to make more like $100 even $200 per months then you have to send more traffic in your monetize al.Ly link.


To get traffic faster join the Facebook group which already have more than 100k members or you can create your own group and share helpful guideline and video to earn more money fast.

To give you an idea here 3 big Facebook group to share your link & earn$$$

Group Link 1

Group Link 2

Group Link 3

Before you take any action this bullet points you must have to know.

1. No Experience Needed!

You don’t need any experience to start work just create a free account in al.Ly with your email address and short any link you want to share.

2. Payouts Rates

Top 6 countries payouts rate for 1000 views.

  • Greenland $21.00
  • Saudi Arabia $7.61
  • The Netherlands $7.33
  • Canada $4.75
  • Denmark $4.40
  • Italy $4.10 Payouts Rates
Top Countries Payout Rates

3. Pay You In 24 Hours

You can get paid in 24 hours if you reach $1 in your account

4. Good Referral Commission

If you want to make more money without any work then 20% referral commission will help you more just add your friends or invite to join with your referral link and start making money with al.Ly.

5. Advanced Tools Access

API shorten URLs, export URLs, mass URLs tools available to work fast.

6. 4 Ways To Get Paid

Get paid by PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer or Payza.

7. Support

If you face any problem or if you need any kind of help then you can connect with their support option. also, you can send an email to [email protected]

8. Rules You Have To Follow

Any Kind of Fake views, VPN, Bot Views will not count as a result your account will be ban without any notice. Review Quick Summary: 

Site: Https://
Owner: No
Category: Data Entry Job
Bonus: No
Price: Free
Best For: Beginners
Refund: No
Rating : 1 / 5
Recommended: No
Make little money doing online simple data entry jobs? Then al.Ly will help you. Al.Ly is a website that gives you link short service for free. Short any link you want and share with your friends or in social media to make commissions from it. Their payout rates are very well beginners easily can do this work and make little money from it.

How Does Url Shortener Work For You?

Suppose you are going to make a little money every month without selling anything, because you must pay a lot of effort to sell something and the product you are selling you need to know about that product is good or not, people will really buy it or not, lot’s of time you have to spend. And you want that you are not willing to invest in any type of tools for this income.

So now with the help of al.Ly URL shortener website you can make money just helping others…

  • YouTube

Let’s say your YouTube channel is about a free giveaway where you upload 2 to 3 videos every week.

So you research on Google and find some awesome free YouTube intro template, and now want to provide these template to others for free.

Video you upload like: “Top 10 YouTube most amazing intro templates you should download”

So now all of this video template link you can monetize help of al.Ly URL shortener, just short the link and add in the video description. When the viewer will watch your amazing video intro then they will interest to download it then they will follow your video description link and click the link to download.

So now they are getting the free giveaway that you provide them and you are making money without any investment because all of your download links monetize with al.Ly the more download you got more money you will earn for free

Like this way make a short video and giveaway people free stuff like

  • “Top 10 android mobile theme you should download”
  • “Top 10 best android games you never play yet”
  • “Top 10 awesome photo edit software you needed to try once”

if your video gets millions of view then there is a lot of chance that you can make good amount of money doing this work but you have to work for it and practice over again and again. Payment Proof!

I search on google to find real people payment proof that they are really making money or not. Then I found a YouTube review video where a person shares his $200 payout proof here is the photo you can see if you want to see the video then you can click the photo. Payment PROOF 1
I found this Payment Proof on YouTube video

Here another person share payments proof $33 but I don’t find the name because of this payments proof a person share in thebot.Net forum Payment PROOF 2

In the forum, people are communicating with each other so that they can learn that this website is really legit or scam, that’s why real people who are working & make money they share their payment so that people can learn this website paying for the work.

What Is Inside

I create a free account to show you how the dashboard really looks like their dashboard is looking so professional and they have lots of option to give you the best service they have. inside dashboard
Inside Look

They have 2 new quick challenge option where you can earn $10 2 new challenge option New Options
  • Challenge 1 details

You have to invite users to install an android app with your affiliate link and you will earn $10 if 1000 people install the app.

  • Challenge 2 details

They will give you an android app from play store then you have to install the android app into your mobile and then give a 5-star review and for each review, you will earn 0.50 cent.

In payment proof options you can see how much users are getting paid and the latest payment proof history.

Al.Ly have referral system if you want to make money without doing any work then invite your friends or users with your affiliate link and if they join with your link and make money you will earn 20% commission of their earning for life.

Is Perfect For You Or Not?

If you are a beginner? And you want to make little money? Then this simple data entry work is perfect but advances people stay away from it.

Let me share with you important information that how al.Ly makes money & pay you from your earnings.

If you fast give them 1000 click then they will pay you a few dollars.

So how this thing work?

When you short anything with help of al.Ly then they will give you a short link to share & earn

You share the link if anyone clicks the link 1st they will show them a 5 or 10 seconds ads & pop-up ads.

And when someone views the ads 1st al.Ly they make money like 10$ USD and then they will pay you only $4 – $5 dollars because you don’t know how they get paid.

And how the ads think really work.

They are only given you good service so that you work and make money and they make money because you work with them help them to promote the ads.


If you want to make big money and want to grow your own business online?

Then I will recommend you to learn affiliate marketing where you can generate massive commission.

Affiliate marketing has passive income opportunity which this means work one time and earn a commission for a lifetime. Alternative Website To Make Money?

If you are not satisfied with al.Ly payout rate? You are working on this website for a year but they are not giving you more facilities and advantages because you need more high $ rates? Then let me show you another alternative website that will give you a high payout rate with a guarantee.


Shorte.St is the best URL shortener website that will pay you good amount of money if you know how to work in the right way. They have lots of users who are still making good money and this website is old and trustful. There is no chance that they will do a scam. Because real people already share lots of payment proof that they are actually making money.

Shorte.St has an affiliate program where you can refer others to make 20% commission from each individual users join with your link

Also shorte.St has a cryptocurrency mining application but I don’t recommend it because you need high configuration PC to start mining.

3 ways to get paid

The minimum you have to earn

  • Paypal $5
  • Webmoney $5
  • Payoneer $20

Make money for every 1000 views

  • The United States $14,04
  • United kingdom $10,75
  • Australia $8,61
  • More + 100 countries available

Do I Like Website?

I have no interest to make money doing URL shorten, but I know beginners like this kind of data entry website that helps them to earn some extra money. Last time when I try to visit the al.Ly website I got a warning that this site is dangerous “Deceptive site ahead” so if you visit and see the same message? You should avoid it as soon as possible. Website Is A Scam? is not a scam the are paying people who are working and driving real traffic. They will ban user account if anyone tries to send a boat or VPN traffic.


Al.Ly URL shortener data entry work not going to help you to make passive income. It’s just an opportunity for beginners who have interested to make little money every single day.

If you want to learn? If you want to grow your skills? If you want to start your own business that generates passive income every single month after month? Then you should follow my recommendation. You have the opportunity to start making money with confidence.

Growing your knowledge for some big money is very important. It will help you to be motivated for the future, because without any skills doing the lazy daily data entry work you cannot expect to make $1,000 a day but in affiliate marketing, you have opportunity to make $1000, $2,000 a day with confidence.

Just if you know “How to work in the right way” that’s why you should follow the proven road map.


Share your al.Ly experience

Write a few words in comments below

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Have a great day

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