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Hey, what is going on beautiful people in this article I am going to show you the top 10 YouTube scary video that already made over $1,000 in profit with a simple trick.

The important part is how anyone from anywhere even if you have zero experience? and 0 subscribers can start making money today on YouTube without filming any videos, this week already and it’s work with confidence and this will be a good one for you so stay with me.

So before getting started into the working plan just want to warn you that if you don’t follow or apply the tricks into your work after learning from my article?

And if you don’t take action? And if you have this kind of mindset? then you can leave now.

Because after learning if you take action you will see results.

7 Steps To Make $1,000 With YouTube
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So Let’s Go To The Point.

Let me show you the proof that how this person is making almost thousands of dollars per day doing the simple trick using YouTube videos

What he is doing is using creative common videos.

You can use YouTube creative common video without any problem and you can apply for Google Adsense account.

Because YouTube creative commons video has access to used fairly.

So let’s search in YouTube with this keyword top 10 scary videos as you can see his recently uploaded video already have 1.9 million views he just uploads this video 4 weeks ago.

1.9 million views on youtube

So let’s copy this video link and analysis in the social blade.

The social blade is a website that can help you to track and analyze any youtube channel or videos and you will get the right information that how much views he getting or how much revenue he is earning.

Now let’s go to the socialblade.Com website and enter the channel link in the search box and click the search button.

So as you can see he already uploaded 166 videos already have 3,576,610 subscriber and more than millions of views and here is his last month estimated monthly earning from Google Adsense almost

Google Adsense almost earning photo

$7k – 116k what the hack? Yes this is true and all he is making from Google Adsense

And I will show you the trick that how he is working and making money.

Also here you can see how much video views, subscriber and he is getting all of the real summaries.

views subscriber details

Now click on the 50 latest videos option then you will see his recent video upload status…

recent video upload status

Here almost made $984 dollars from 1 video

So now how you can do the same? and what if you have unlimited access to use videos from YouTube? without any copyright problem and what if you have access to monetize your video and apply for Adsense to make money every single month doing this method.

Step 1- YouTube Search

Go again YouTube and search with this keyword “10 scary videos” then click the filter button then click creative commons

creative commons setting

Now this all video is creative commons and you can easily re-upload this video without any problem

YouTube creative commons video list
You can use these videos

And you can earn money with this video and like this way you have unlimited video access to use in your YouTube channel.

So to make sure that this video is a creative common video just open the video and in the description, you will see license like this pic

YouTube creative common video license

Step 2- Video Editing (Optional)

Video editing you can download and upload the video instantly but my recommendation is to make your own brand with your name? or pick any name you want and ad a logo, intro video, and outro so that it looks more professional.

To edit your video you can use Camtasia studio 9 Camtasia studio is a professional video editing software that helps you to edit your video easily I personally use this software and edit my video with it and its work both in windows and mac.

It’s really easy to edit a video with this software but if you don’t know how to get it started then these tutorials will help you better understand!

Step 3- SEO & Keyword Research

Keyword research & SEO is very important if you want organic traffic from youtube and from google so that your video gets more views easily without doing any kind of paid promotion.

Here some free tools that help you to find profitable keyword



⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Google keyword planner

And here some good keywords idea that you can use to upload your video

*10 scary videos you should not watch alone chills
*10 scary videos you should not watch alone reaction
*top 10 scary videos you should not watch alone reaction
*top 10 scary videos you should not watch alone

If you want to learn more than you can watch this video and follow it.

Step 4- Upload & Share

Now upload video into your YouTube channel and add 200 – 300 word of an article in video description it will help you in SEO and rank fast now all done.

Like this way try to upload 3 – 5 video every single week and upload more than 50 + video and keep continue

To get a fast view you can share your video in facebook groups also you can share in reddit.

Some Big Fb group list to share your videos

Some Big Reddit group list to share your videos

This Video Help You More

Step 5- Adsense

Apply for youtube Adsense

youtube monetization policy

To apply for monetization you must need 1,000 subscribers 4,000 watch hours YouTube add this policy because lot’s of people create YouTube account and upload 2 -3 videos then 404 not found they never upload videos and do spam.

But if you continue work and keep uploading you will get approved for YouTube Adsense monetization.

Once you get it then monetize all of your videos to earn money and also you have free unlimited video access to use.

Step 6- Amazon Affiliate

Sale Amazon affiliate product.

Also, you can sell affiliate product and earn commissions just create an affiliate account in Amazon and chose your product you want to promote and add the link in the video description.

Then say a pickup line amazon gift card $100 now 20% discount for next 20 people = affiliate link once you get more views and subscribers you can sale more affiliate product and earn commissions Amazon has thousands of product to make money and famous YouTubers do the same.

Step 7- Analyze

Tube Buddy is the best for analyzing Youtube videos for FREE

To analyze your YouTube channel and grow more view you can use tube buddy

It will help you and guide you to generate more views and subscriber and it already has lots of facilities that you can use for free.

Some Helpful Tools

  • Download Any YouTube Video

  • Make YouTube Video Intro & Outro For FREE!

  • Make Youtube Logo & Channel art & Custom Thumbnail For FREE!

  • Youtube Tag Generator

  • Few More Topic To Start YouTube

“Top 10 motivational speeches”

“Top music Fail Compilations”

“Top 10 instant karma”


So follow these 7 steps and apply in your work and grow a YouTube channel.

Once you to get your first 1000 subscribers then relax just upload video and earn revenue from ads or from affiliate marketing.

As I share people are already making thousands of dollar with youtube.

If you start and work properly? You can achieve the goals.


If you are interested to make money with affiliate marketing?

And want to grow a passive income stream in one month?

Then my recommendation is to follow John Crestani Free affiliate marketing training.

That’s it for now…

Comments if you have any questions

Thanks for stay with me…

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