50K A Week is a scam system Confirmed!

Ok, innocent people, it’s time to make some money how much time does it take you to make $500? 3 days? A week? Or even more time? What about fake $50,000. A fake person makes this amount of money in 5 days and yes you can hear him right he makes $50,000 every week. Then he will show you more opportunities, fake imagination, some fake story to make this magic money making food tastier.

You are looking for another way to make money then you come to the right place because 50k a week is a scam system.

50K A Week is a scam using fake Government disclaimer

By using the same technique, they cheat the innocent people. Because they have no idea how to earn money online and even they don’t know how to avoid a fake promo video.


So how you can avoid a scam system like 50k a week here is my 6 bullet point will help you more.

  • Fake video speech
  • False software
  • They are promoting fake software to make money from you
  • False payment proof
  • Using Fake Government disclaimer
  • There is no real owner in 50K A Week

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Number 1

The promo video they share in their website it’s not the original video and what they say in the video is a sells speech they outsource this kind of videos from fiver.Com and upwork.Com based on their script.

Number 2

They are promoting fake software so that you invest money and make a million dollars overnight.

Number 3

The magic software helps you to make money and they are still promoting this software to you so that you invest and they make money from you.

If the software has the magic power to make money then why they are not making money? And if they are making money then why they are promoting this magic software to you? Did you get the point?

Number 4

They also share fake payment proof that they are making $50,000 with software and it’s totally fake.

Just search on google you will see lots of fake payment proof like this.

50K A Week Fake software
Scam software
False money imagination
Money imagination 1
False money imagination 2
Money Imagination 2

Number 5

Government disclaimer, terms, privacy policy all are fake demo page

Fake Government disclaimer

Number 6

But still, you don’t know who is the owner of this system because they used a fake demo name.

 50k A Week Review Quick Summary: 

Product name: 50k a week
Site: https://en.50kaweek.Pro/
Owner: Josh Harris ( A fake demo name )
Category: Online Trading
Bonus: Nope
Price: Deposit $2500 for wire transfer
Best for: No one
Refund: No, because they will redirect you with another website fxleader.Com to deposit
Rating: 0 / 5
Recommended: Never
When you will sign up to create your account they will redirect to another website name fxleader.Com to deposit money. You cannot see your online trading platform because fast you have to deposit at least $25,000 by wire transfer and there is no refund. Because they already using fake terms and condition page. They don’t have any robot software because in the demo video this shares a fake screenshot that helps a fake demo person Josh Harris to make $50,000 dollars. They don’t have their own website and 50k a week site is their promo landing page to drive innocent people into a trap. That’s why they will redirect to another website to deposit fund once you pay the bill then they will grab it and you will the next victim of fraud.

50k A Week Inside?

Fake person testimonial 1 Fake person testimonial 2

Inside you will see another promotional video that will help you to make more confident because they will show you 2 fake testimonials that they are still making thousands of dollar every single month doing trade online with 50k a week.

They will also show you that 3 spots only available so that you take action fast.

They will push you to sign up there next forum where you have to give your number and email address and when you will do it they will show you the continue button like this make $2,000 a day.

Youtube channel terminated for violet of terms

They also share 3 testimonials of their million dollar family but the real thing is their YouTube channel already get terminated for violet of terms and condition.

When you will complete the second step and sign up then they will redirect you to the next website to deposit fund because they don’t have their own website and their using 50k a week website like a fishing net.

After sign up 50K A Week redirect to another site to Deposit Money in scam
Do not Deposit Money in scam


If you really want to start your own business? Then you should start affiliate marketing.

50k a week system is only a demo website to promote fake money dreams to cut people pockets.

As this system, there are lot’s of scam system online they will only make you happy showing expansive thinks.

But you will never learn anything…!!


Let me know your 50k a week experience!

So that beginners can learn and & avoid mistake and follow the truth road map.

Write in comments below..

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