Welcome To 2captcha review it’s a data entry work & only perfect for beginners And advance people stay away from it.

If you are interested to make 5 to 10 dollar a week doing some simple work without any experience?

Then 2captcha is the perfect site for you.

2captcha will give you some simple text like this ( L K A Z 78 85 ) then you have to write exactly the same text in a box. All done you just earn a few scenes like 0.005, 0.01 like this way if you complete 1000 capture you will make $1 for the work.

2captcha only perfect for beginners & advance people stay away from it.

I recently saw in a Philippine Facebook group that they are already working and making little money doing capture work.

It’s like 2captcha data entry job you can do when you want there is no time limit.

You will get paid easily when you reach 0.50 cent and 2capture already have lots of payment options to pay you so there is no problem to get paid.

2captcha work rates
2captcha work rates

2captcha Bullets Point You Should Know!

Here are my 7 bullets point before you take any action.

  • You can not make $100+ a day
  • 2captcha site is too old 
  • Captcha Work not available all time
  • Site owner not found
  • Illegal software
  • low-quality video tutorial

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If you work 10 to 15 minutes a day then you can easily make a few dollars for free every single week, but if you want to make $100 a day from it then it’s a waste of time for you.


2captcha creation date: 2014-04-22 and they are still paying people for their work if you face any kind of problem then you can connect with them by support options they will help you and solve your problem as soon as possible.


You will not find captcha work every day on this site because it ends sometime.


There are lots of hidden secrets software available to make money fast doing captcha work but if you use any illegal software to complete capture then your account will be suspended immediately and you will lose all of your earning.


I didn’t find who is the real owner of this 2capture so there is a risk of scam because if you don’t know who is the owner of this website then there is no chance to trust it.


2captcha site hosting provider & domain names registrar by reg.Ru it’s a Russian site.


I personally don’t trust this site because I didn’t see any real people recommendation & testimonials 2captcha home page and they have some low-quality video tutorial like 29 seconds also, in their site they have some simple blog to learn how to start work but I still have confusion because I didn’t find who is the owner of this site.

 2captcha Review Quick Summary: 

Name: 2captcha
Site: https://2captcha.Com
Owner: Unknown
Category: Data entry typing job
Bonus: No
Price: Free
Best for: Lazy people
Refund: Yes
Rating: 1 / 5
Recommended: Yes! for beginners / Noo!! For advance people
2 captcha is an online typing data entry job real people are making a few dollars every single day. But this is not perfect who are interested to make big money like $100 $500 a day. If you also want to earn big amount of money then you should avoid 2 captcha work.

2Captcha Apps

2captcha also have an android mobile app if you want you can do work on your mobile phone. But you can’t make good money from it. If you want to do something good online and want to earn a good amount of money then I will tell you to start affiliate marketing.

2Captcha Waste Of Time?

2captcha is a waste of time lots of people work month after months for few dollars but the main thing is they didn’t learn anything they only do capture fillup every day the same boring work again and again. There are many other websites like 2captcha sites which give people the same work here a few names kolotibablo.Com, megatypers.Com those who spend time on these sites they are basically lazy type. They do not want to do any work by organizing their own creativity.

They just want to earn thousands of dollars through a few clicks, as a result, they can only earn a little bit of money at the end of the month.


If they spend time learning affiliate marketing, then they can easily earn a lot of money every month. Only they need to know what is the right road and how to follow step by step. Because they have a lot of time to work on 2captcha typing, typing over and over again which this means they are lazy but they have also patience.

Inside 2 captcha?

2captcha dashboard
2captcha dashboard current rates are very low$

After registering on the 2captcha website, when you go to the dashboard, they will show you the current payout rate for 1000 image captchas. And I was very shocked to see that they lowered the rates of their captcha work only [current rate$ 0.17 / 1000 image captchas] no way west of time. Also, they have finances options where you can see you earning balance, request payout, payment history, payout history, transfer funds to another account.

2captcha finances option 2captcha start work option 2captcha FAQ option

They also have their own affiliate program so if you want you can make money to refer a person invite anyone joins for work with your affiliate link if they join and work you will make a small commission.

2captcha Affiliate Program
2captcha Affiliate Program Info

Also have recognition options where you can see the current bid, normal captcha, Re-captcha rates, etc

And for lazy workers, they have the latest version: Re-Captcha bot x so that they can work faster also have a mobile interface to work from a smartphone.

All their benefits will make people lazier who just want to earn little money.

2captcha Payout?

2captcha Payout options

6 Options Available to get paid from 2captcha.

  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Advcash
  • Uphold.Com
  • Payeer


I already clearly you with my 7 bullet point that 2captcha how it will help you to make money, who is perfect for it. Now it’s your decision if you want to make little money then you should join 2 captcha work.

If you are really interested to make something good with your creativity and want to make big money?

Then you should start affiliate marketing.

I would like to hear from you 

Let me know you will start work in 2captcha? Or Not!

Write in comments below.

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