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In this article, I’m gonna show you how to start making $100 a day from YouTube.

I am going to show you how to do without even creating your own videos okay.

This is going to be the super easy and workable method for you I promise

You are really gonna like this and it’s going to help you to get started from right now making money on YouTube.

10 Steps To Make $100 A Day With YouTube
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So before we go through the process make sure that you keep the attention and follow every single step I share and after learning from my article if you think it can also help other people? then you have to share it.

This method is 100% work with confidence and perfect for you to generate passive income

First of all, you have to create a free affiliate account on Clickbank.Com

What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace where you will find other people digital product to promote and make a commission.

The good thing is you can earn almost 75% commission from 1 single sale you made.

“Kelly householder” is the CEO of Clickbank he already has lots of experience in retail sales systems, e-commerce, shipping and many more.

10 steps you have to follow if you want to make a good commission with Clickbank & YouTube.

Step 1- Get Affiliate Link

You have to create the affiliate link from Clickbank.

So Login to your Cb account and click the marketplace button then you will see in the left side lots of categories. Then click on the HEALTH & FITNESS Tab

Clickbank Inside categories option

Now you will see some health-related offers like eBook, video course

Clickbank Inside Offers

Now chose any offers you want and click the promote red button

Clickbank Inside Affiliate Link


Copy the affiliate link and save in a text file

Step 2- Promote

You have to promote the product affiliate link with targeted traffic

Step 3- Earn Commission

If anyone buys through your affiliate link you will earn a commission.

So how much revenue you can make per sale?

Clickbank already has 5000 + product so feel free you can promote any product you want.

So as an example: You chose a diet ebook to promote

Diet ebook price 97$ dollars and affiliate commission = 75% which this means if anyone buys the book with the price 97 dollars you will earn 75% commission = 97 x 75 % = $72 you will earn from 1 single sale you made.

Step 4- Send Traffic

Send traffic to your offers

Now every business needs the traffic to promote their offers and traffic is important if you have targeted traffic? then you can sell any product you want.

Just you have to give them value, guidelines, free gift and once they educated they will buy it.

Another important thing is you have to build trust with them so that they always follow you and learn from you for that you can share helpful tips, some helpful thought that help them to learn.

Now it’s time to take action now create an account in YouTube and optimize your channel

You can easily make your YOUTUBE channel logo, custom thumbnail, channel art, and many more professional things for free within 5 minutes.

Free create an account in Canva.Com and you will get all in 1 places.

Now you need YouTube videos but to make a youtube video? it takes lots of time!


I am going to show you a free source where you will get thousands of youtube video for free and you don’t have any kind of copyright problem you can use this video anytime you want just download and re-upload in your youtube channel and Monetize with Clickbank affiliate offers.

Step 5- Unlimited Video Solution

As you know Clickbank has thousands of product to promote so let say you want to promote health offers.

Now go to youtube and search with this keyword like “How to lose 10 pounds” or

How To lose belly fat fast” and after the search, you will see a filter option now click on creative commons

YouTube creative commons optionAnd here is your unlimited video access

youtube creative commons videos

Youtube Creative Commons License To Used Fairly
Creative Commons License Access!

Now download 10-20 videos and re-upload in your youtube channel and add an affiliate link in description ex: proven guide revels to lose 10 pounds: ( your affiliate link ) or lose overweight in 1 week: (your affiliate links) make sure always short your affiliate link with TinyURL.

Step 6-

Tiny URL

Tiny url is a website where you can short long URL into tiny and you have access to short unlimited URL you want.

All for free

It will short your affiliate link into tiny then when someone clicks the short link it will redirect in the main link.

Step 7- Video Upload Rules

Upload 10 videos every week

You have unlimited access to video so now you can feel free re-upload video in YouTube but it will help you more if you make rules. Like, upload every week 10 video that will be better.

Step-by-step you will build an asset and when you have 50 plus video you will see traffic is coming through your video and you are getting sales from the affiliate link.

Step 8- Video Editing

Edit video with Camtasia studio

Camtasia Studio is a professional video editing software that will help you to edit your video and make your own brand.

This tutorial will help you to learn how to use this software.

Step 9- Share

Share on social media

After upload video must share your video in different social media like Facebook group, Pinterest board, Reddit and many more social media available to share.

It will also help you to rank your video fast and you will get more traffic.

Step 10- Keyword Research

Keyword research is important if you know how to to find a profitable keyword and use it in the right way then you will get more traffic easily that’s why watch this video and learn all about keyword research.


Download Any YouTube Video

Make YouTube Logo & Channel art & Custom Thumbnail For FREE!

YouTube Tag Generator

Top Clickbank products to promote

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So follow these 10 Steps To Make $100 A Day With YouTube and apply in your work you will get the result.

YouTube is the best platform where you will get lots of traffic.

Remember, every single traffic is valuable!

Give them value, tips, guideline then share your affiliate offers you will definitely get sales and earn affiliate commissions with confidence.

Your 1st challenge is to achieve 1000 subscriber to your youtube channel.

Once you achieve it then keep uploading and relax.

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