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If you want to earn money at home? Do you have a skill?

Then freelancer.Com will help you to make $50 – $100 a day.

If you notice a little bit that every day you do a lot of different things, especially nowadays we spent a lot of time on Facebook and YouTube.

10 Creative Ways To Make $50-$100 With [FREELANCER.COM]

But if you spent the same time every day to learn a new skill then at a time you will be able to learn many skills which will help you to make money with confidence.

Like this way, freelancer.Com is an online work from home outsourcing platform that will help you make money if you can provide your skills & give service to buyers.

If you look a little deeper, you can see that there are millions of businesses across the country who need skilled people to do various types of work on a regular basis.

Employee and business owners need a high-quality logo for their business, a business card, a website that will help them to explore their business online, SEO management, need a professional graphic designer who will design banner ads based on their choice so that they can use it in different events, need a writer who will write a quality content so that they can promote their product, offers. Need a social media marketing expert who will run Facebook ads, YouTube ads for them.

Like this way business owners came here on freelancer.Com and connect with a global network of freelancers who can complete their projects in a short time or a long time. After complete the project freelancer makes money and business owner get the right solution they are looking for.

So you can also complete a project to make money because in freelancer.Com they have almost 1350 different categories to start your job and provide a service for business owners.

But it is good to remember that you need to be proficient in one category so that you can make money giving the same service over & over again.

However, if you are serious to make money through freelancer.Com whether you have job skills or not you can make money.

Because I am going to share with creative ways that will help you to make money without even doing any hard work.

That will help you make your daily life more easy & beautiful like

  • You can spend more time with your family because you are doing all work from home
  • You can travel anywhere you want
  • Pay your monthly current bills
  • You can quit your 9 to 5 job and you don’t have to go in the physical location to complete jobs again
  • You can spend more time in education & grow skills

1. Become A T-shirt Designer Without Even Design A T-shirt

If you go to google and search with this keyword “T-shirt design” then you will see every single month almost 450,000 people searching with this keyword. All of these people have an interest in t-shirt design. So now if you go to a t-shirt shop in your area, you can see that there are many different types of the t-shirt in the shop. And with so many designs, people buy what they like best. Many big brands and companies need a lot of t-shirt designs that they sell in all their online shops or local shop, so they need a good quality designer who understands customer needs and designs t-shirts accordingly.

To become a professional t-shirt designer you have to spend lots of time to learn. But I am going to show you a website that will give you thousands of high-quality designs so that you can re-sale or give the best service in freelancer.Com to make money.

The website name is https://placeit.Net/t-shirt-design-templates

Almost thousands of t-shirt designs and templates available you can re-edit, change color, change text and make a t-shirt design in a second.

What you have to do is…

  • Simply choose a template that you like
  • Customize with your text, image, and color
  • Hit save & download

But if you are not good at design? Not to worry! You will get all the best categories template that you can instantly download and use for your needs. The best part is you will get all upcoming trending t-shirt design templates about any category & any niche.

FREELANCER real user Slavisa is making $20 per hour

Here you can see Slavisa is charging $20 per hour and almost get 355 reviews from clients. His motto has always been: “Quality over quantity”.

So if you want you can also make money like him because now you have access to unlimited t-shirt design just provide the service to clients & satisfied them, 100% sure step by step you will get more good reviews and make cash.

2. Become A Data Entry Expert

Data entry is the easiest job if you know how to complete it properly. The client and business owner give you some projects to complete in weeks or hours then you have to provide the exact data they are looking for.

Let me give you an example that what kind of work you will get in data entry.

The client will say that I need the email address and phone number of 50 gyms, fitness club-related websites and this information must be from the local area California.

So Now How You Can Complete This Data Entry Work?

Simply go to google and search with this keyword “Gym in California Los Angeles” then click on maps now you will see all gyms related website list, location, phone number, email address, reviews, open & close time.

Find Company data from google map example
You Will Find All Company data from Google map

To collect the data fast go to the website and find the information from about, contact options than step by step you have to save the data in a file.

Then simply go to your google drive account and click on google sheets then open a file and save all the data one by one after complete download this file and provide all of this data to your client.

google sheets data saving example
You can save all the data in google sheets like this way

I just give you a little idea so that you understand how to complete a simple data entry work

However, there are different data entry work you will get if you work on this category.

Once you complete a 2 – 3 project then you will easily understand how to work step by step.

And here is some tools that help you to complete your work easily without facing any problem

FREELANCER real user 2 Chandrasekhar Almost earning $50 per hour.

Here Chandrasekhar Almost completes lots of data entry jobs and he got a 5-star rating with 996 reviews and making $50 per hour.

He is good in data entry work, PDF to word, PDF to excel + some others skills he has that is good to make good money but you can do the same in a minute help of this free tools

3. Photo Background Removal

If you know how to remove a photo background help of adobe Photoshop or other tools then you can make good amount of money-doing this simple easy work.

To-Do this work you don’t have to be an expert and you don’t have to be a professional editor in adobe Photoshop but you need few skills to make money and I am going to show you how you can learn the skills in few minutes.

Here Go to this website name

The help of this website you can 100% automatically remove any photos background in 5 seconds without a single click

Suppose clients give you a project that removes these 20 photos’ backgrounds and adds a green background image and you will get paid $50 for this work.

So what you have to do is go to the website and drag and drop the photos then this website will automatically remove the background. After that easily download the background removed photo file and send all to clients all done.

And I will recommend you to learn how to remove background and add new background help of this website called

Removal background photo with few clicks 

FREELANCER real user 3 Swapnil is charging $11 per hour removing photos background

As you can see Swapnil is charging $11 per hour removing photos background.

And he is an expert in the background remove, photo editing, photo retouch, and photo image resize. So if you make money 1st with background removal work then you will be more confident & step by step learn and grow more skills in adobe Photoshop.

Doing the simple work he already makes lots of money and already 1749 people reviews in his profile and has a five-star rating.

And here are more tools that help you in the future to make more money

Resize any photo:

Crop image from PDF file and save to TIFF, JPEG, PNG

4. Video Editing Service

Every local business needs a presentation video so that it can show provide more value to their customer. Every day you see that different types of videos are going viral on Facebook and YouTube. You can easily earn money if you know how to edit a professional video and provide this service to clients. There are many types of software running online for video editing, you just have to be an expert in 1 software.

And you know, video editing is a professional job and the value of this job is high enough to make you a lot of money, but for that, you have to become proficient.

But I will introduce you to some video editing software that will allow you to easily earn money by editing slide show videos and after making some money from freelancer then you can learn more professional video editing work step by step.

Number 1: Photodex Proshow Gold

It’s an easy to use drag and drop software that will help you to edit slideshow video like a professional

To edit a video you have to follow 6 simple step

  • Add 50 to 60 photo
  • Add a template
  • Add effect
  • Add background music
  • Preview the slide show
  • Start rendering

All done you don’t need any kind of advanced skills for it.

Holiday, vacation, traveling, birthday, father’s day, Mother day, Christmas, wedding photo slideshow, happy new years, also you can edit video as Facebook look-back video.

With the help of this software, you can edit a good video under 5-10 minutes and then give service to freelancer clients to make money.

Photodex pro show gold software price is $69.95 but I will give you for free here is the download link

Number 2: Moovly.Com

Moovly is another video editing software you can easily create an animated video within a few clicks just add new animation, icon, text, background music all done. Also now they add more features on their website where you can easily make promo video, training video, Facebook & YouTube ads videos + more they already have lots of video templates that will help you to make a video in few minutes.

You don’t have to download any software to edit videos all edit directly in your desktop browser.

In Moovly free plan, you have access to 1+ million free videos, sounds, and images. Just spend a few hours learn how each thinks work and became a video editing expert.

freelancer user crafts video making $30 per hour

Here you can see crafts video is charging $30 per hour and have lot’s of experience in video editing like

  • Explainer videos
  • Animation videos
  • Video broadcasting
  • 2d animation
  • YouTube services

Step by step you can also grow more skills like this.

5. Logo Design

Logo design is one of the famous money making methods for freelancers. If you have experience and you know how to create a professional logo for big brands then you can make thousands of dollars editing just 1 single logo. But to edit a professional logo it takes a long time & needs good skills and design must have to be perfect based on business owners and client’s needs.

So I will show you some simple methods that will help you to make a professional logo for a Facebook page, YouTube, mobile apps, for a website, brands, business, restaurant, sports, travel, real estate, technology, and many more other categories.

  • Step 1: Go To
  • Step 2: Click Make a Free Logo button
  • Step 3: Choose categories
  • Step 4: Then you will see thousands of logo design, icons, temples are ready for you to take action
  • Step 5: Add Text, Brand name, Business name
  • Step 6: Choose which one you like
  • Step 7: Click the download button
  • Step 8: Provide the file to your clients
  • Step 9: Get paidFreelancer user Olja is making $40 per hour doing logo design work

Here you can see Olja is making $40 per hour doing logo design work and she is already expert in logo design, banner design, website design.

DesignEvo it’s an easy to use logo making website that will help you and save your time and you can easily provide service to your client in a few hours.

You don’t need to worry about logo portfolio because when a client will give you their business name then just go to DesignEvo and choose a category then you will see almost thousands of designs are available then add the text file and change templates one by one when you will think your client will like this template then instantly download for free.

if your client won’t like the logo you provide? then click another template and share the test Png file again with clients once clients satisfied then you will make money nothing to lose.

6. Social Media Management

If you know how to use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and twitter and how to publish a post all of this social media and how to schedule a post then you can easily make money doing social media management jobs. In a business organization, employees always sell their products well and they want the customer to get the best product they are looking for. Also, they sell products through Facebook ads and YouTube videos and in various ways. And customer needs support they want to learn product benefits, features, reviews that’s why did join in Facebook group & follow on the YouTube video. That’s why they need a social media manager who will help them to manage their Facebook group.

What You Have To Do?

  • Communicate in English with a customer
  • Schedule a post in the Facebook group in a specific time
  • If the customer wants to learn more benefit then provide them the right data
  • Reply on Facebook groups comments
  • Share interesting upcoming product benefit
  • You need little writing skills so that you can give a product update to all Facebook customer
  • Facebook chat support
  • Creative mindset
  • Provide all updates to the business owner

You can do this work every week part-time 2 – 3 hours a day.

FREELANCER.COM user Kulfisoftwares is providing Social Media Management $8 per hours

Kulfisoftwares is providing the service $8 per hours that is to low but you can charge more he already got 442 reviews rating 4.9

You know now a day people like to invest their time on Facebook and YouTube to learn and communicate. But if this time you try to invest in social media management you can make money and gain experience that will help you to grow your own business in the future. You can sell your own product and provide the best service with a Facebook group and Facebook pages. Also, you can start Instagram marketing to provide more value for your business.

7. Content Writer

Content writing is a professional job that will help you to make lots of money if you can write 500 to 1000 words on any topic.

If I ask you to write 500 words about Facebook then you can easily write it because everyone uses Facebook and know-how Facebook work, what is Facebook, who is the owner of Facebook, advantage of Facebook, disadvantages of Facebook.

Like this way website owners, bloggers, clients will give you a topic to write for their project and they will give you keyword and category so that you can easily understand and start writing based on their choice.

To start writing you don’t have to be an advanced writer, because you already have experience in writing you already write more than a thousand + words in a different topic in your school and college exam, class test. Only now you have to use this experience to write on some other topic. When a client will give you keywords and topic to write just search on google and get a complete idea. Let me give you an example.

To start writing on any topic fast you have to learn about it, educated and gain knowledge.

  • So Now Make Google = A Book Library 📚
  • Topic = 1 Chapter 📗
  • Keywords = You Have To Read On Chapter 1 Page 10 📖

So when a client will give you a project to write? Then you have to go to the book library to start learning the chapter and pages now you can easily write on a topic.

Provide informative information when you are writing a content article and make 3 – 4 categories so that anyone can easily understand that what is exactly the topic is.

Let me give you an article body example so that you can write 500 to 1000 words easily

Topic: Expert Secrets Book < Download FREE

Intro ==100 Words
What Is It? == 200 Words
Who Is The Owner? == 80 Words
How Does It Work? == 150 Words
What Is Inside? == 100 Words
The Good == 50 Words
The Bad == 40 Words
Conclusion ==70 Words

Almost: 790 Words

Here some tools will help you…

Freelancer user Melodyswright making $30 per hours as a writer

Here you can see Melodyswright making $30 per hours as a writer got 276 reviews + 5-star rating

8. Website Designer

Website design allows you to earn the biggest amount of money in a very short time. You just need to know what kind of website your client likes and what kind of themes they need for their website. You don’t need a professional degree or you don’t have to know any rocket science to design a website with a WordPress theme.

Just you have to focus on these steps if you want to design a website like a professional.

Step 1: Every website needed a domain and hosting

A domain is the name of the website where customers or visitor will visit with the name like example.Com

Hosting is a place of a store where all of the website data, will be stored in one place.

Step 2: You have to connect the domain into hosting plan [It’s easy]

Step 3: After the connection, you have to install WordPress into the website

Step 4: Install the WordPress theme that the client prefers

Step 5: Customize the website theme + add information all done.

Currently, those who are making money through web site design also had a time when they knew nothing about the website.

They first learned about the website and how it worked and then slowly grow skills through practice, so now they are earning around $500 to $ 1000 by designing a website.

If you practice, you can design a website yourself within 1 -2 weeks. Then use these skills to make money over and over again.

Must watch this video more then 2 – 3 times if you want to make money designing website.

LEARN How To Create A Blog or News Website

Ferdy Korpershoek is a helpful person if you follow his YouTube channel and step by step watch a few videos then practice? then there is no worry! you will be an expert.

You can do website design work for a long time and you can earn a good amount of money on it. Because every single business owner looking for a website for their business.

So step by step start learning how to design an eCommerce website, restaurant, blog, teach, Technology and many more. All the settings for a WordPress theme Inside are the same just you have to learn 1 time then you can be used the same skills in multiple categories.

FREELANCER.COM Website Designer Diama is making $35 per hour

Diama is making $35 per hour already got 604 reviews + 5-star rating but you can make the same amount of money with WordPress Website design work. Once YOU start making money then you can achieve more skills to become a WordPress Developer.

9. Banner Design

Banner design is one of the simple and easy work in to make money. You can design a banner for website, Pinterest, Facebook page, post, ads, Instagram post, also many more.

I am going to share with you a website where you can also design more banner like a magazine cover, book cover, CD cover, business card, YouTube thumbnail, YouTube channel art, twitter header, blog banner, google ads banner plus many more within a few clicks and the good part is all you can do for free. All the graphics, designs, effects, titles, quality templates, and upcoming trending templates are available.

Create your free account in and try all the features.

And CANVA design school will help you to become a pro:

FREELANCER real user Dezine Genius is making $18 per hour doing Banner Design

Dezine Genius is making $18 per hour and already got 365 reviews + 5-star rating so why you are waiting for? just take action.

10. Facebook Ads Service

If you know how to run ads on Facebook with the right target audience? Then you can earn money by running and managing ads for clients.

Let say restaurant owner wants to run ads on Facebook so that they can get more like, comment, share on their Facebook page. So they hire you to get more audience & grow their business online.

Facebook’s total budget, total spend cost, the client will give you all to start. Just have to run ads in the right way. So that audience who are interested in the restaurant they like the page, connect with facebook messenger to get the benefit from the restaurant that’s it.

Then manage the ads for 7 days 15 days or more give all the data to clients & make money.

So if you don’t have experience? how to run a profitable Facebook advertising campaign? then without wasting any time learn from this video and grow your skills.

Watch the video and practice it’s easy to run ads on Facebook just follow Facebook terms & step by step run 2- 3 test ads then providing a service to your clients to make money.

FREELANCER Parbind Singh is making $10 per hour with Facebook Ads Service

Parbind Singh is making $10 per hour almost got 139 reviews + 4.8-star rating.

Who Is Perfect For Making Money With

  • If you have computer basic skills, you know how to save documents into your computer then? You can start work as a freelancer and make money doing data entry work.
  • Do you regularly post pictures on your Facebook and Instagram? And sometimes you use various mobile apps & editing software to make these pictures looking more beautiful? Then you already have experienced just you have to know which software will help you to edit clients’ photos and provide them a good service to make money.
  • If you just moved into a new town to education? But you need some part-time work to make money then you can start social media management work help of freelancer.Com. Lots of clients looking for a social media manager who can manage their facebook groups, Instagram profiles, twitter profile, etc.
  • Do you already have skills in logo design? And you want to provide a good service to clients? Then freelancer.Com is a place to make big money.

Also if you have a creative mind you know how to learn new thing and apply into work? Then you can take action with freelancer.Com

Who Is Not Perfect For Making Money With

  • I know lots of people interest in freelancer.Com and they have an account but they only get 2-3 orders from clients and for some reason, they are not getting new clients and not making enough money every single month. If you are one of them? Then avoid it. I will recommend you to learn affiliate marketing and grow your skills because you don’t have to worry about “Money client again” you will be your own boss and you will make money with your own system help of affiliate marketing.
  • If you already have 1 or 2 years experience and you just make good money help of freelancers? But now you changed your mind? Because you want something that will help you to generate money automatically? Then I will recommend you avoid freelancer.Com. Start making your own course based on your skills, experience then teach people in Udemy.Com Teachable.Com, Skillshare.Com and make money multiple times selling 1 course.

MY Recommendation!

One thing to know is that through the freelancer.Com website you will be able to do this as long as the client gives you work. When you complete client work on time you will get paid & when you do not get any work then no money, there is no passive income opportunity.

So now if you think deeply about how you can make money in the future through an automatic system, that helps you to make passive income?

Then I’ll tell you to get started with affiliate marketing where you will get passive income opportunity.

Let me show you the difference between affiliate marketing vs freelancer.Com

Affiliate Freelancer
[1] You have the opportunity to build an asset and affiliate commission from multiple offers [1] You have to focus on 1 skill to make money providing service in freelancer
[2] You can build your own business & brand that helps you to be freedom [2] You have to work per hour according to the client’s choice
[3] You can go on vacation any time you want just click the automatic system that will help you to generate money 24/7 without event click your laptop mouse [3] You can go on vacation but to make money you have to work manually.
[4] In affiliate marketing, you can earn recurring commissions [4] In freelancer, you have to deal with new clients again.

Just you have to follow 3 simple steps to get started

  • Chose affiliate offers
  • Create an automation system
  • Send traffic to generate commission

So if you are ready to start affiliate marketing? Then learn from John Crestani


I already share 10 ways that help you to start making money with

If you want you can learn more freelancer background

Share your experience that how freelancer.Com help you!

Write a few words in the comments below…

Thanks for a stay in my blog

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